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I have another of the polishes I got in Zoya’s Earth Day sale to show you.  Today, Bebe.  It’s “Bebe” with no accent marks; bébé is French for “baby.”

Bebe is an older polish from the Masquerade Collection (date unknown), item number #ZP261, and on the web site it looks very frosty.  But it’s not an opaque frost.  It’s a sheer sparkle, a translucent pale pink with silver-white shimmer.

I don’t know how many coats it would take to make it opaque — more than I want to deal with, that’s for sure — so I would use it as a top coat.  Does it change underlying colors?  Let’s see.

Here are two cremes, the light grayish-blue Kristen and the pale pink Dot.  I have two coats of Kristen on the left, three coats of streaky Dot on my ring finger, and two coats of Bebe alone on my little finger. Under indirect outdoor light and then with the flash, with the bottle of Bebe:


Bebe flash

Here are the same polishes but with one coat of Bebe over each Kristen and Dot.

Bebe 2

Bebe 2flash

For an easier comparison of the two cremes with and without Bebe:

Bebe comp

It lightens them a bit but doesn’t make them any pinker, at least not with just one coat.

Not a huge change, but nice.  Any time you use a sparkly top coat over a creme it can help cover up any brush strokes or other imperfections.  Plus it’s just plain pretty.  You could of course also wear Bebe alone for a sheer sparkle that is a step up from naked nails but not labor-intensive.


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