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Last year I made my first and only post about makeup for eyebrows.  It’s still worth a read, especially for the links to the two makeovers shown on Bobbi Brown’s site for women named Joann and Gro, in case anyone doubts the power of well-done eyebrows.

And by well-done I mean subtle and natural, not the current craze of eyebrows literally stenciled on and filled in so darkly and heavily that it’s scary.  You all know what I mean.  I’m not linking to photos of  these Browzillas so as not to offend anyone, but any glance at user-posted photos on the Facebook pages of major cosmetic companies will show you more than you thought possible.  Honestly, some of these girls/women — when you look at their faces all you see are these huge, overpowering, overwhelming EYEBROWS.  Bow to The Brow.  Worship The Brow.  You are helpless in its black, creepy grasp.

But let’s be real.  It’s a fad and it’s gonna fade eventually.  On younger people it looks silly but on us older women it’s downright ridiculous.  So what else can you do?

In that post of mine from last year, I showed you a rather pricey product from Benefit Cosmetics called Brow-Zings.  I liked it but thought the SRP was high (I got it on sale), and the price has even gone up!  It’s $32 now.  I mentioned that e.l.f. has a similar product for a tenth the price and readers commented about other brands too.

So I was OK with Brow-Zings for a while but really wanted something easier, a one-step product instead of the two-step wax plus powder.  Also, the shade of dark brown I’d chosen looked “rustier” than I wanted.  I’d already tried a cheap hard brow pencil and hated it.

Enter the soft pencil.  In some Korean mystery boxes/bags a few months ago I received two soft brow pencils that I’ve been able to test extensively.  One is from the brand It’s Skin/Babyface and the other is from Skin Food.

The packaging is practically identical in size, shape, and features.  Each thin tube has a pull-off cap on each end; one end has the twist-up angled brow product and the other end has what’s called a spoolie brush.

Eyebrow pencils

Eyebrow pencils open

Eyebrow pencils open 2

The Babyface Natural Eyebrow pencil came in color 02 Deep Brown.  I got it via Memebox, and they also have other colors of Black, Yellow Brown, and Gray Brown, and the price is only about $4.00 U.S.  The Skin Food Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil came from Beauteque and I got #2 Black Gray.  It’s more expensive at $8.00 U.S. and also comes in Black and Black Brown.

I found it hard to choose a shade, actually.  My brows are a very dark brown, almost black, with scattered white hairs.  No red tones at all, but many brown brow products seemed to lean red.

Well, I love these two pencils.  They’re soft enough that they don’t hurt to use, and they apply more “blurry” and realistic-looking than a hard pencil.  Very easy to apply — use a light touch and you can always add more if you want.  Brushing my brow hairs upwards slightly with the included spoolie brush really helps too.  Both brow products are easily removed with drugstore eye makeup remover.

Here’s a swatch of both on the skin of my inner arm.  I had to press pretty hard for it to show up this much, and you don’t need nearly as much pressure when using it on your brows.  It doesn’t ball up on my brows, either.

Eyebrow pencils swatch

I like the color of the Black Gray pencil a little more and think it blends in the best, which is weird because my eyebrows are neither black nor gray.  Go figure.  Sometimes I even use both for a more blended look.  Remember you don’t want your brows to look unnaturally drawn on nor heavily monochromatic.

What do you think, have you tried other soft brow pencils?  Found some good colors?  Let us know.


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  1. I just looked at your prior post on Brow-Zings and have to say you have a lot more going on in the brow department than me, you lucky duck. 🙂 I overplucked as a teenager and they never quite grew back. The plus side — I haven’t had to pluck since the 80s, not even once. The down side — I am intimately acquainted with every brow product on the market and have been for decades. I know what you mean about most brown shades leaning red. Why is that? It just adds to the whole artificial look. I finally learned to look for the descriptor “ash” in brow products and I am free from the dreaded rustiness. Sometimes I use a light taupe meant for blondes, even though I am brunette. Better to go too light than too dark. Lastly, I too am so tired of the overdone caterpillar brows and await the day the brow pendulum swings back to a more moderate look. I figure it has to happen soon, right?

  2. I too over plucked, but as an adult. I think buying one of those small magnify mirrors was a mistake as well. I think it tricked me into thinking I had more brows than I did, and I was over plucking to keep them more trim, and a little thinner. Bad mistake. Now, I’m trying to grow them out some, but they are growing out kind of crazy, and very slowly. I even asked at a salon I was buying a product from if they could straighten them up some. Wanted a bit of advice. Not sure how expert it was. But, the young woman said no. She said they were too short. So, I guess I’ll be growing them out some more. I’ve tried using the Elf eyebrow kit, but since I’m pathetically unskilled at any kind of make up application, it didn’t turn out so well. But, I haven’t given up just yet. Thanks for the post. Suzy

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