Is it is, or is it ain’t?

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Boy!  Have I had a frustrating time tracking down the new collection from China Glaze called Desert Escape.

CG desert escape

CG desert escape4

CG desert escape dots

Official word from the company itself?  None.  It’s like they don’t want anyone to find it and buy it.  Several bloggers have posted with apparent certainty that the collection will be exclusive to a web site called Lock & Mane, a mostly-hair care site, and it’s not released yet.  But various and sundry sellers on eBay have been selling the six polishes for weeks.


Finally, despite no help from China Glaze, I found it by Googling “Tribal Council” because I reallyreallyreally wanted the mini set, and that’s its name.  Guess who has it?  Sally Beauty Supply.  I no longer live near a Sally store, and I always found their stock iffy anyway, but Sally had it in stock online.  This isn’t a desert mirage, because I ordered it yesterday and it has already shipped.  Woot.

I’m hoping I’ll love the dark metallic rose gold, Meet Me In The Mirage, so much that I’ll want a full-size bottle, but I wanted to try all six.  The price is $12.99 for non-Sally members, plus shipping.  I wish I could have found more polish to add to my order but the web site is hell heck to navigate and peruse.

Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend, everybody.  Hope your weather is great and that you can get out and do fun things.  Also, remember the reason for the holiday.  See ya on the flip side!

P.S.  A rose gold star for you if you recognized the title of my post as being a nod to the jazz song “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby.”

EDIT:  Of course, an hour after I post, I see that the collection is up on Head2ToeBeauty, the full-sized bottles and one trio/art kit.  No mini kit, and those entries weren’t there yesterday!


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  1. I’d love to see swatches of Meet Me in the Mirage once it arrives!

  2. Meet me in the Mirage is the one that jumped out at me as well. Would love to see a swatch too. And, Happy Memorial’s Day to you too, Susan. And, to all your readers (your fans). I never forget the sacrifice these men and women have made, and are making to this day. My late husband was in the Vietnam War, and I remember that it was such an unpopular war, that their welcome home, was anything but welcomy.

  3. jessFACE90 posted a swatch video of these.
    She says that the bottles are exclusive to lockandmane but there are nail art kits elsewhere…? Mirage is what I have my eye on for sure.

    • Yes, I’ve seen several bloggers swatch them and say the colors are exclusive to Lock & Mane, but other retailers have them too. I’m not sure where the confusion originated and have no idea why China Glaze would restrict a summer collection to one obscure e-tailer (I mean no offense by “obscure,” but I never heard of L&M before).

    • The individual full-size bottles are available at and from many eBay sellers. Just FYI.

      • YAY! I am headed to head2toebeauty to find these before they are gone. I’ve never heard of that other company but head2toe is one of the big ones! Thanks for the update!

  4. Another update: LALacquer has the full-sized bottles as well, plus one of the trio art kits. Honestly, what IS the deal with saying only Lock & Mane was going to carry them? Obviously untrue. Weird.

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  6. have you shopped at head2toebeauty? I am wondering if it is good place with good ordering and shipping without issues? Thanks so much if you can help


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