OPI Color Paints Mini Set — complete review

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Disclosure:  These OPI polishes were supplied by LALacquer for review.

Before I get started, a shout out — big thanks to LALacquer, www.lalacquer.com, for supplying me with this awesome OPI mini set.  I didn’t even ask for them; no, LALacquer (who is in Iowa, not L.A.) saw my post mentioning the polishes and offered them to me.  Thanks, Lyn, for the great set and for reading The Silver Nail and realizing that we women of a certain age LOVE our polish and buy lots!

I first talked about the OPI Color Paints here.  As swatches started appearing in the past few weeks, I saw that these polishes are sheer jellies that are more opaque that last year’s Sheer Tints from OPI.  The Sheer Tints had four colors:  violet, yellow, pink, and blue.   I kept meaning to buy them but never did.  Polish pennies were frittered away elsewhere.

But when I saw the Color Paints I thought, “Want.”  More colors and less translucence sounded good to me:  yellow, pink, magenta/red, orange, green, blue, turquoise, and purple, plus a silver base coat.

Some bloggers have shown what happens when you use several coats of the Color Paints alone and try for opacity.  As you might guess, the darker colors are more successfully used this way.  For some great swatches, see The PolishAholic.

But I’m not interested in trying for opacity.  Personally I’d rather wear the Color Paints is as a top coat over various colors.  This way you can get more mileage out of your other polishes.  The Color Paints are being marketed as great for nail art too — swirling combos over white, used with striping tape or a dotting tool, layered, you name it.

OPI color paints mini set

The Color Paints set contains ultra-mini size bottles (usual for OPI minis) of 1/8 oz. or 3.75 mL.  Polishes included are:

  • Silver Canvas base color
  • Primarily Yellow
  • Chromatic Orange
  • Pen & Pink (love that punny name)
  • Purple Perspective
  • Turquoise Aesthetic

OPI CP bottles

Other colors in the line, but not included in the mini set are:

  • Magenta Muse
  • Indigo Motif
  • Landscape Artist (grass green)

Silver Canvas is a shiny silver chrome that shows brushstrokes a bit more than I prefer.  Still, it’s fun to try the sheers over it and I have plenty of other silvers I can use when this little bottle runs out.  Two coats under indirect bright sunshine:

OPI CP silver

It really is bright all by itself, practically luminous.  With the flash:

OPI CP silver flash

The sheer colors are streaky on the first coat but look good with two coats.  Over Silver Canvas, left to right, the purple, pink, orange, and yellow.

OPI CP sheers over silver

By itself since my thumbnail is out of commission and I have no extra fingers on this hand, the turquoise over Silver Canvas, sorry the lighting is not right:

OPI CP turq over silver

Let’s try something else.  Say you’ve been wearing another polish for a few days and want to freshen your manicure.  Add some Color Paints!  Here’s a subtle, light-medium warm pink creme, Flora from Zoya.  It looks a bit streaky here and if I was going to wear it alone I would’ve added a third coat:

OPI CP flora base

And now one coat of the purple, pink, orange, and yellow Color Paints as a top coat:


Cool !  I prefer the Color Paints over this creme as opposed to over the chrome.  Looks shinier and less streaky, and only needed one coat.  Let’s compare.

OPI CP sheers comparison

You can really see a difference in how the yellow looks over the silver vs. the pink.

OPI CP turq comparison

As would be the case any time you put one color over a completely different one, be careful not to have any edges of the first color showing.  Also, darker colors are more likely to obscure whatever is underneath them.

Disclosure:  These OPI polishes were supplied by LALacquer for review.


Update on another OPI collection I mentioned here, the Coca-Cola 100th Anniversary of its contoured signature bottle.  It’s out, and LALacquer has it!  I’m going to buy the mini set, along with a few other polishes I’ve been coveting.


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  1. Susan: These are samples on blending and nail art using Color Paints. use the silver for the base and then go to town. Lyn


  2. Thank you for swatching these! I so cannot wait to get my little fingers on them! I’ve been told they will be out next month. CANNOT WAIT!

    • They’re out NOW! 😀 First info I had about them said June, too, but they’re out now. Careful about prices — Ulta has the mini set for over $21, and it’s much less at LALacquer and other e-tailers.


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