ColorChat by OPI, an app that does… not much

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OK, I’ll bite, or should I say I bit.  I like to try new things.  OPI has a recent free app called ColorChat that lets you type in anything on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device, and it will convert the letters into nail polish splashes.

That’s it.

Hmmm, I thought there might be more to it, but unless I’m being incredibly dense — always a possibility, mind you — it’s a straight one-to-one conversion.  One letter equals one splash of color, always the same one for the same letter, but it does make bigger splashes for capital letters.

I downloaded the app for my iPad, typed out “The Silver Nail” and got this:

OPI colorchat The Silver Nail

It’s pretty, but now what?  I guess today I am just not easily amused.  Would be fun for kids to play with.

How about something more interesting about OPI?  Saw online that their new Color Paints are now available.  Now that’s news I can use!  I’m going to check for them in person when I go out later and if I can’t find them I’m buying the mini set online.  I see Sleek Nail has it, as well as all the colors in full size bottles.

OPI color paints mini set

This mini set includes an opaque silver base, and the translucent yellow, orange, pink, purple, and teal Color Paints.  I watched a good video about the new set here, and vlogger jessFACE90 also has an art tutorial with the polishes here.  If I love these I can pick up the red and the indigo blue separately, not interested in the grass green.

While The Silver Nail loves silver polishes, I’m not most excited about using the Color Paints over the silver base.  No, I want to use them over other colored polishes to change up and refresh the look — purple over pink, orange over red, teal over green.

UPDATE 5/9/15:  The Color Paints are now on the Ulta web site but I have not seen them in my local Ulta, and I just checked again today.  Warning, the mini set is a ridiculous $21.95 on Ulta’s web site which I think may be a misprint, as I’ve seen it for $12.95 or so on every other web site.


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