Updates on two China Glaze collections

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Nothing NEWnew today, but still, updates are good.  I have some additional information about two new sets from China Glaze that I posted about very briefly earlier.

First up, the Desert Escape summer collection.  To my earlier post HERE, I now have colors matched with names.

CG desert escape dots

I want all six in the mini-set!  Don’t know the North American release date yet, although I think they are being sold in the UK already.

Next, all the names are published for China Glaze’s big fall collection, The Great Outdoors.  In my preview HERE, I could only read one name on the display.  Here are all twelve:

  • S’More Fun — bright chartreuse creme
  • Gone Glamping — green and gold duochrome shimmer
  • Take a Hike — dark dusty green creme
  • Let’s Dew It — purple, blue, and silver glitter in clear base
  • Sleeping Under the Stars — dark purple with pink shimmer
  • Pondering — purple and green duochrome shimmer
  • Check Out The Silver Fox — silver metallic foil
  • Change Your Altitude — light gray creme
  • Wood You Wanna? — purplish brown foil
  • My Lodge Or Yours — dusty mauve creme
  • Cabin Fever — copper and gold duochrome shimmer
  • Free Bear Hugs — dark oxblood red creme

CG great outdoors2

Want something even cooler?  You can see swatches of all the colors from this blogger/Instagrammer.  I honestly don’t know how some people get these sets months before they’re available to the public but whatever — overall I LOVE the set.  Looks very fall-like, unlike OPI’s upcoming Venice Collection.

In The Great Outdoors set, I think I want at least half of them!


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  1. Oh snap! I didn’t think I would like any of these. Now I really want most of them!


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