Holiday news? Yes, indeed.

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Holiday news?  Holiday as in Christmas and Hanukkah and New Year’s?  No way!  Yes, way.  (Does anyone even say that any more?)

I gotta report news when I can, or it’s no longer news.  The exception being any news that would violate an agreement I have such as with Zoya, who sends me media samples for review.  I am beyond grateful to Zoya for doing this, because despite my having been a blogger for over three years, I get no love from other major polish companies.  (EDIT, June 2015:  I’m proud to say that SinfulColors is now working with me — thank you SinfulColors!!)  I think the “over 40” thing scares them off, as if aging is contagious and as though we over-40s have no money to spend on polish.  Listen, honey, we’re all aging at the same rate.  Age or die.

Anyway, when I hear news about say, OPI or China Glaze or Essie, I report it ASAP.  Any of you OPI/China Glaze/Essie/etc. PR people out there, email me if you’d like to change this.  I’ve emailed you numerous times without response.  <rant over>

OPI’s fall collection called Venice is still months away from release, but I just read about the company’s holiday set, STARLIGHT.

I have no photos myself so please run over to Everything2K and take a sneak peek.  As with OPI’s holiday sets in the last few years, Starlight looks to be heavy on reds and on metallic silvers and golds.

The pictures are low-res and a bit fuzzy, so when I get clearer ones I’ll post them.


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  1. Right on, sister! I’m way over 40 and I purchase polish on a monthly basis. Since Zoya has an equitable attitude towards bloggers of a certain age, I think I’ll patronize it over the other three you mentioned. I don’t need nail polish from companies with a limited vision on who blogs about (or purchases) their product.

  2. OPI has been so obsessed with adding a silver to every collection, so I guess they couldn’t take it anymore and had to make an entire half of collection silvers.

    The very-trendy midi rings and metallic tattoos may mean I’ll end up getting those 😮

  3. Boy, do I agree with Vickie. I’m over 60, and I love polish. All those companies should know there are plenty of us seniors out there like me that purchase all colors, all finishes of polish on a regular basis. Or, maybe they don’t know. Like Vickie said, “limited vision”. There should be a way to contact these companies, and put in a good word for not only the best nail polish blogger who I know has a great following, but one who’s branching out to all forms of make up. So, we should also find out how to contact any make up company/product that you have highlighted on your blog. And I would inform these companies that all your blogs are not just intended for us older gals, but all ages. Thanks Susan for offering us all a big variety of products. Suzy

  4. Thank you all for the support! In all fairness, I have to admit that I’m only **assuming** the reason OPI, China Glaze, etc. haven’t worked with me is the age thing. It may be something else, who knows? I did have an unpleasant experience with an Essie employee years ago but know many, many people love their polish, and Essie news posts are usually my most popular!

    To contact companies, check my links on the right side of this blog under “Polish, makeup, & skin care” or post on their Facebook pages.

    I’ve also received media samples from Incoco and OMG Nail Strips but don’t use nail strips very often. Nevertheless, I’ve liked their products a lot.

  5. The “targeted sales groups” always cracks me up. Makeup, skincare on babies, perfume, nails…don’t they realize we outspend, and have more disposable income?.

    Always love reading the news about town posts! It’s been awhile 🙂

  6. I’m always disappointed that companies in the beauty and fashion business don’t think that over-40s are their target customer. I’m 61, I’ve loved fashion, makeup, fragrance and nail polish for decades, and I’ll give up wearing nail polish only when I’m six feet under (hopefully several decades from now). I am a professional and I can guarantee those companies that I have more disposable income than the 20-somethings they are targeting – and I spend a lot of that discretionary income on clothes, makeup and nail polish.


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