Happy Earth Day!

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There is no shortage of things to do on Earth Day for Earth Day.  I always talk about the big Zoya nail polish sale, and sure, that’s way fun, but what else is there?

Our valley is having numerous cleanup events, where volunteers show up and pick up trash and so forth, and I bet your area is too.

Perhaps think about getting an energy audit for your home; many power companies do them for their customers for free.

Have you been clinging to old, energy-hogging incandescent light bulbs?  Maybe you never liked those swirly compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) and I admit I didn’t either, although I used them.  Now LED (light emitting diode) bulbs have come way down in price and are our bulb of choice.  They are more expensive to buy, but last much longer, cost less to operate, don’t have that CFL warm-up time, nor do they contain mercury like CFLs.  Something to consider.

Recycle everything you can.  It seems like a pain at first but after a while it becomes a habit and is no more trouble than throwing something away.  We recycle newspapers, magazines, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and glass.  So yeah, not a lot goes in the garbage!  Even better if you can compost plant-based kitchen stuff like vegetable parings, coffee grounds, etc.  We really need to start a compost barrel.

Speaking of recycling, and getting back to nail polish, I won’t be sending any polish back to Zoya in their exchange; instead I will be donating unused and barely used bottles.  Where can you donate, you may wonder?  My first choice is the battered women’s shelter aka shelter for women fleeing abuse.  Maybe your community also has a shelter for homeless teens.  Don’t forget senior homes!  Give that great-grandma a purple glitter — you know you want to.  😉

So what’s in your wish list for Zoya polish?  I want to get some older polishes before they’re gone for good, and here’s my wishlist:  Jem, Bebe, Roxy, Mieko or Shiloh, and maybe Flowie.  Bebe looks like a sheer, silver & pink top coat that could be fun to play with and layer.

My wish list 4.22.15


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  1. For some reason, I can’t bring up Meiko, and also Richelle on the Zoya website. Maybe it’s my computer.

    • Are you using my link for Mieko? If not, and you’re searching Zoya’s site, the spelling is Mieko, not Meiko. Hope that helps. P.S. I think Richelle has been discontinued. Hopefully this fall they’ll have some new gold/bronze polishes.

      • Thank you so much for the correction. I’m not surprised, since I have a tendency to reverse both letters and numbers. At times, I need to be especially careful to get it right. I must of got Richelle off a website that had a wish list that wasn’t current. Besides checking out all the colors from your Facebook, I’m looking at Joy, Star, and Alma. Also, Lauren, but I need to look at some swatches to see how it compares to Pandora and Shay, which I own. Love all these color choices. Thanks, again. Suzy

        • You’re welcome. I, too, often mix up “ie” and “ei” in words.

          While Richelle isn’t on the Zoya site, I see it on NailsAve.com, if you really want it. Alternatively, Austine looks close but I don’t have that one so can’t swear to it. I reviewed Joy here and liked it a lot: https://thesilvernail.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/oh-joy/ Don’t have Star, did review Alma which is a bright peachy gold glitter: https://thesilvernail.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/the-bubbly-collection-from-zoya-full-review/

          • I checked out the links, and thank you for that. I also checked out swatches (but not reviews yet) of Joy and Alma. I like Alma, since I was looking for more of a peachy or light orange color with some good shimmer. But, Joy looks more bright pink here and in the swatches, and less shimmer than seems to indicate in the Zoya description, I was thinking more mauve and a strong shimmer. But, I know these description’s can be confusing. For some reason, at this point, any color with a strong gold shimmer, I’m very interested in. Thanks for your help. Suzy

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