Zoya Earth Day Nail Polish Exchange 2015

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The rites of spring include the Zoya Earth Day Nail Polish Exchange!!  Half-price polish from Zoya — what’s not to love?!

Zoya earth day 2015

Go HERE and read all about it.

To sum up, for those who are new to Zoya’s Earth Day sale and for those who’d like a reminder, it’s half-price polish with free shipping.  SUCH a deal.  You also are on the honor system to return old, unwanted, non-Zoya polish for safe recycling, or you can donate unwanted polish to a good cause, which Zoya fully supports.  Personally I prefer to donate usable polish to the local shelters for women fleeing abuse or for homeless teenagers.

The main points to note are the code, dates, minimum order, and maximum order:

Offer valid 4/21/15 – 4/28/15 (11:59pm EST)

And now, just because I like to play with formatting, here’s the fine print spaced out for you.

Earth Day Exchange Terms & Conditions

Offer valid online at http://www.zoya.com only 4/21/2015 – 4/28/2015 (11:59PM EST).

Continental US & Canada ONLY.

Not valid with any other codes, coupons or promotions.

Consumer accounts must exchange a minimum of 6 polishes with a 24 bottle maximum. Salon accounts must exchange at least 12 with a maximum of 48 bottles. Polish can be from any brand and can be exchanged for in-stock .5oz Zoya Nail Polish shades only. Excludes Zoya Treatments. Offer is not contingent on customer returning polish.

One code per account.

Art of Beauty is not responsible for incorrect addresses, credit card entry errors, or any errors outside of our control.

All Earth Day orders for NEW Zoya Nail Polish will ship FREE via Standard Ground Shipping – shipping costs on the exchange of unwanted polish back to us is the customer’s responsibility.

Please allow standard time for processing and shipping, however if volume is higher than expected please allow up to 6 weeks for shipping and processing.

Art of Beauty, Inc. reserves the right to remove any polish that is out of stock from your order. You will not be charged for this polish. Backordered polish is not included in this promotion.


Yes, that’s a lot of terms and conditions.  Nevertheless, I bet you dollars to doughnuts that a lot of people won’t read them and will get angry later when their expired credit card is declined or their polish doesn’t ship for weeks.

I noticed that Zoya has not released information about the new summer collections yet and I have to say that, while I am the Queen of Impatience and want to know what they are, it’s a great idea to wait until after this Earth Day sale because there are always people who complain that the newest sets aren’t included.

Now get busy, dust off  your Zoya wish list, and be ready for this great exchange!  Need some color ideas?  Here are a few posts of mine with lots of my fave Zoya colors:  Best of 2014My Top Zoya Polishes.


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  1. I may or may not be able to order. You know how those lack of finances get in the way. Need some ideas, too. But, we will see. I don’t see the announcement on the Zoya website or Facebook. Was it on there last year? Maybe it’s my computer.

  2. I’m actually wondering about the Summer Collection. I would love to see the colors, to see if there is something I would want, before Earth Day ends. I don’t have alot of polishes in my wish list, so if the Summer Collection colors are something I must have, I’ll save my money for that one.

    • I’m wondering about the summer sets (they usually have two) as well. I honestly haven’t heard or read a peep about them. Since Zoya hasn’t announced them yet I’m suspecting that they won’t until the Earth Day sale is over. Because in addition to all the complaints they get with this FANTASTIC sale every year, one of the biggest is that the new summer collections aren’t included, so I think that’s why they haven’t announced them.

  3. Thank you so much for the info!

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