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As soon as I posted my review yesterday of some of the Prismatic Eye Shadow singles from Nyx, what should hit my inbox but news of three brand-new eye shadow palettes from the same company.

They look interesting but I’m going to wait for swatches and reviews before I seriously consider getting one, because past experience has made me wary.  Nyx has indeed become my favorite drugstore aka cheaper brand of makeup, but some of their products have been duds.  Specifically eye shadow palettes.  I’ve been baffled and saddened that while their singles (Prismatic, Matte, and others) are fantastic, their palettes I’ve tried have been terribly lacking in pigmentation.  Last year’s Dream Catcher palettes were horrible in that regard, at least the one I bought, tried, and eventually tossed.

But while everything’s new and fresh, let’s see what’s up.  There are three ten-shade palettes.

Nyx avant pop

Top to bottom:  Art Throb, Surreal My Heart, Nouveau Chic

What caught my eye first is that these are not the same all-neutral palettes that the makeup world has been drowning in for the last several years.  Don’t get me wrong — neutrals are my favorite and most-used colors for my brown eyes, but c’mon!  How many shades of brown can one person buy and use?

Even the most neutral of these three, Nouveau Chic, is not completely monochromatic.  Nyx describes these palettes thusly:

Art Throb — True blue, green with silver shimmer, pale gold, matte baby pink, white with shimmer, carrot orange with gold shimmer, metallic silver, lime green with iridescence, black with shimmer, fuchsia with pearl.

Nyx avant pop1

Surreal My Heart — Shimmery white, mint with pearl, electric lime green, light brown, taupe, opalescent light grey, cobalt blue with pearl, true matte grey, matte pale peach, matte black.

Nyx avant pop2

Nouveau Chic — Pale pink with shimmer, matte terracotta, plum with gold shimmer, opalescent lavender, gunmetal grey with shimmer, matte light beige, rose gold, matte dark brown, deep taupe, black with gold shimmer.

Nyx avant pop3

As you can read, there is a mix of matte, pearl, and shimmer shades in each set; one isn’t all matte with another all shimmer, etc.  Doesn’t look like there’s any heavy glitter.

These are currently only available on Nyx’s web site but I suspect they’ll be hitting Ulta, Target, and other stores soon.


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  1. I like Art Throb and Surreal My Heart already. I haven’t even seen them in stores, but I love the colors. Blue, green, orange and yellow? Yes, please! The first ones I want to wear are that lime green and the orange. Thank goodness these aren’t glitter filled. I prefer mattes or shimmer that is not frosty or 70’s looking.

  2. I have a couple of smaller Nyx palettes that have pretty good pigmentation. One is from the Love in Paris collection and the other from the Rome one. I almost wish they hadn’t come out with these new bigger ones cuz eyeshadow palettes are my #1 beauty-related weakness and it’s soooo hard for me to resist them (for instance, I just bought both of L’Oreal’s nude La Palettes from AND the three new Hard Candy ones that are Too Faced knock-offs. They were all inexpensive and I had coupons to boot, but still…. ) So, I need a new palette like I need a hole in the head, but darn it, I think Nouveau Chic looks really pretty. Arrrggggh, I need rehab! 😀

  3. Even though eye shadow is not my thing, I always enjoy reading your blogs about them, and all types of make-up, even if I don’t use them myself. I think it’s because your reviews are always simple and honest, and of course fun. I don’t own any NYX products, but seeing so many posts about them, I should check them out. Probably mainly the lipsticks .I will do a “search” on your website to see all your blogs on that subject. This Sat,a sleep over with both my grandaughters, ages 5 and 9. So, it’s nail polish, make-up time. They can’t get enough of it. I even bought some shiny purple eyeshadow (requested by my 5 yr old), and a light pink. Have a great weekend. The sun is finally shining here in WA this weekend. YEA


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