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Nyx Cosmetics came out with a lot of interesting new products this spring.  I bought and swatched a few of their Intense Butter Glosses and High Voltage Lipsticks.  One of the items I was most excited to try was their new Prismatic Eye Shadows.  These are single eye shadows, not currently available in any combo or palette.

There are twelve shades which you can see at Nyx’s web site and I’ve tried five.  First I bought just one, Golden Peach, to see how I liked it.  I didn’t like it; I LOVED it.  It’s a beautiful color and the name describes it perfectly, a golden peach.  Looks great as a highlight or in the transition zone between brow bone and eye crease.

However, I can’t show you Golden Peach right now because I broke it.  And here’s the biggest caveat about these Prismatics — you cannot de-pot them or remove them from the factory packaging the way you can many other single eye shadows, and I didn’t know that when I tried to de-pot Golden Peach.  Most single eye shadows I’ve used come in a tiny metal pan within the outer packaging, so it’s theoretically possible to remove all the plastic.  Prismatics do not.  They are in a plastic mesh pan and trying to remove them is an exercise in waste and disappointment.  In other words, don’t do that!

But if you’re happy leaving your singles as singles, I highly recommend the Prismatic eye shadows.  They are a rather standard size of one inch in diameter and come in a cute little case with Nyx’s trademark “bow” clasp.  The SRP is $6.00, and while I don’t own any MAC or Urban Decay singles, swatches I’ve seen and reviews I’ve read generally say these Nyx shadows are just as good at a third the price.

All the Prismatics are shimmery metallics and they have a sheen that could be called duochrome.  While I wouldn’t go whole hog with shimmer all over my eyelids, I love them as an accent or highlight.  So which other colors did I get?

  • Fireball — a rusty orange or copper
  • Jaded — deep green
  • Punk Heart — deep plum
  • Bedroom Eyes — bronze-brown

Each pair of photos is with indirect outdoor lighting and then the flash.  Closed:

Nyx prism

Nyx prism flash


Nyx prism open

Nyx prism open flash

Light swatches on my inner arm:

Nyx prism swatches

Nyx prism swatches flash

The coverage is buildable and you can get quite a heavy look if you want.

If you’re looking for metallic shimmers with good pigmentation and a reasonable price, these are great.  I’m debating buying a couple more colors, such as the silver Tin or the gray Smoke & Mirrors.  I also hope that these are popular enough that Nyx releases more colors — would love to see a navy blue, several darker browns, and a hot pink.  Remember, Ulta often has BOGOHO sales on Nyx products!


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  1. I’ve had my eye on these for awhile. I really don’t need any more single shadows, but Girl Talk and Mermaid practically scream “BUY ME! BUY ME!” every time I go to Ulta… but they’re always sold out! But I have swatched the testers and….. *sobs*

    • Took me a while to get these as well. Same problem, constantly sold out at Ulta! I read that buying them online, either at Ulta or direct from Nyx, is tricky because the shadows break easily in transit. Why they didn’t put them in a metal pan like their other singles is baffling.

      • I’ve ordered direct from NYX and they packed the single shadows I got really well (lots of bubble wrap). I did have an issue with a lip product I ordered but they sent me a replacement so all good.


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