OPI Coca-Cola Anniversary Collection preview

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What is it with OPI and Coca-Cola?  By gosh, they paid for the license to use the name so they are gonna use the heck out of it!

I’m not complaining, mind you.  Some great colors have come from the collaboration — last year OPI had the Coke Collection and this year the offshoot brand with the weird-shaped bottles, Nicole by OPI, had a Coke set too.  Out of the latter collection, I bought three of the six polishes and love them.  See them here, here, and here.

Now news of one more Cokealicious set, the 100th Anniversary Collection.

OPI Coke 100 display

Be aware that most of these colors are re-promotes from last year’s set, but there are two new ones that look interesting, Visions of Georgia Green and Centennial Celebration.

OPI Coke 100 Georgia Green

OPI Coke 100 Centennial Celebration

I think these look like fun colors — I’m a hog when it comes to silvery golds/golden silvers.  If you are only interested in the two new colors, OPI will be selling them as a duo.

OPI Coke 100 duo

Even better as far as I’m thinking, there will be a ten-polish mini set that includes eight colors plus OPI’s Nail Envy (nail strengthener) and a top coat.

OPI Coke 100 mini set

All photos are via the amazing Nails Ave., who has great pix more quickly than most e-tailers I know.   They are up for preorder but have not been released yet.  Release date is June per one site I read, but may be subject to change.


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  1. I’m excited about this! I have all the ones from last year and I am loving that green and the metallic gold/silver polish. I still can’t find the Nicole ones here. I’ve even looked in Target too where I never go.

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