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Part of me hates to post a third “news” bit in a row, but most of me knows that if I don’t post news asap, it’s no longer news.  So without further ado, ready for glimpses of the fall collection from China Glaze?  The Great Outdoors!

Pictures so far are scant and low-res, but let’s see what we can glean from them.

CG great outdoors

Hmmm, that one doesn’t tell us much.  Here’s a better one:

CG great outdoors2

An interesting mix of both dark and light shades.  I can only read one of the color names, and that’s “Cabin Fever” for the coppery one on the bottom row.  Why I can read that one and not others is a puzzle.  Can you read any of them?  It’s like those charts at the eye doctor’s office.

I’m loving that copper and also the dark green in the top row and several dark shimmers.  But what the heck is that chartreuse color?  Looks horribly out of place to me.

I don’t know of a release date but fall collections usually launch in mid to late summer.  Set name, polish names, colors, and availability are subject to change.



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  1. I’m certain one on top mentions “glamping”. Glamping!

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