Diggin’ the Dancing Queen

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Regular readers will know of my love of nail polish, the 1970s, music, and dancing, not necessarily in that order.  Color Club has a new spring collection out called Poptastic Pastel Neon, and it’s disco-tastic.  Well, no, it isn’t really.  It’s pastel.  I don’t think you could have a true disco set without a stark white and a jet black, like Tony Manero’s trend-setting suit in Saturday Night Fever (1977).

But I digress.

Poptastic Pastel Neon does appear to have some pretty shades.

CC poptastic pastel banner

CC poptastic pastel bottles

There’s also a four-polish mini set of what looks like Hot-Hot-Hot Pants, Disco’s Not Dead, ‘Til The Record Stops, and Meet Me At The Rink for $12.95.

CC poptastic pastel minis

Each full-sized polish is $8.50 at Color Club’s site but can be found for less at other places.  Head2ToeBeauty, a fave e-tailer of mine, has the new colors for a screamin’ $3.50 each.  You’ll also see two other new sets from Color Club there, the glow-in-the-dark Pastel Neon Remix Collection and the neutrals of Shift Into Neutral Collection.

The names of these polishes are good for some nostalgic chuckles.  Remember hot pants?  I can remember asking my mother to make me some hot pants when they were all the rage, not knowing at the time that “hot pants” was a euphemism for, shall we say, filled with desire.  At the time, I thought the epitome of romance was holding hands.

Just to mention one of the songs referenced in these two Color Club pastel neon sets, Dancing Queen was a massive hit for the Swedish pop group ABBA.  You couldn’t turn on a radio in late 1976 without hearing it.  So for a blast from the past, tune in to this video for some lip synching and more ’70s hairstyles than you can shake a disco ball at, then have a great weekend!

(http://youtu.be/xFrGuyw1V8s if the embed doesn’t appear)


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