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It’s Pi Day, the day to celebrate pi, as in the number 3.1415926….. ad infinitum.  College math departments and nerds everywhere are whooping it up.

Not only is it Pi Day (March 14th, 3/14), it’s Epic Pi Day — 3.14 of the year ’15.  This only happens once a century so you better party hearty ’cause I doubt any of us will be around for the next one.

I won’t be baking any pies today; well, I’ll heat up a pizza, and remember when pizzas were often called “pizza pies”?  But I love all kinds of pie — pumpkin, pecan, apple, peach, cherry, and especially huckleberry.

So no peach pie or peach pi, but here’s a peach polish.  I don’t post about the monthly polish subscription company Squarehue as much as I used to, getting a little tired of the selections and many months I have my sub suspended and don’t get the three-polish boxes at all.  I did get February’s box which in their 2015 year-long theme was the 1910s decade.

The polishes were all cremes (sigh) and were:  Kewpies – pale pink, Tunic – pale peach, and War Crinoline – light sage green.  I decided not to swatch Kewpies and War Crinoline for the blog because frankly I’m not enthusiastic about either one and am feeling lazy.  Here are the three bottles.

SqH feb 15 bottles

Tunic, the peach, was frustratingly sheer and streaky even after multiple coats.  After four coats I could still see a tiny bit of visible nail line but wasn’t doing another coat.  Four is pushing it already.  Under artificial indoor light and with the flash:

SqH feb 15 tunic

SqH feb 15 flash

Well, I am reminded why I rarely wear peach.  Just doesn’t do anything for me.  Peach pie with vanilla ice cream, that’s another story.


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