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I kept thinking about the new Coca-Cola collaboration that Nicole by OPI just released.  Posted about it the other day.  The silver was calling my name, probably because my name is The Silver Nail.  Ya think?

The local Ulta didn’t have the set and Target didn’t either.  Who had a brand new, full display?  KMart!

I bought DC Lover ($5.99 for a full-sized 0.5 oz/15 ml bottle) and was seriously tempted by the very dark Zero is My Hero, which looks black at one angle and purple-gold at another.  I actually thought all the other polishes were pretty too.  The signature Coke red is very shimmery, not a creme as I first thought.

DC Lover is a clear base with silver shimmer and tiny red glitter particles.  Unfortunately it’s very sheer and needs many coats to build up opacity on its own.  For swatching purposes I used four coats but in the future I’d probably wear it by applying two or so coats over a gray or silver base.  It dries brilliantly shiny and has a verrrry slightly gritty feel but is not a textured polish by any means.  Under indirect sunshine and with the flash:

DC Lover

DC Lover flash

I also wanted to see how it looked with a clear top coat and with a matte one.  The clear top coat made it feel smoother but didn’t change the appearance, and even though I applied two coats of the matte topper, it’s still rather shiny due to the silver and red particles.  I couldn’t get it completely matte.

DC Lover w top coats

I like DC Lover and think it’s different.  Silver with a kick!  Some minor points that I don’t like about Nicole by OPI is that their web site is hopelessly out of date and that their teardrop-shaped botttles, while distinct, are difficult to hold and to store.  But no big deal.


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  1. I think I need that glitter. I have nothing like it in my collection and I love a pretty silver. I want the red shimmery polish too. It’s what I expected the OPI one to be, a real Coke can color and look and not a creme. I haven’t seen this collection pop up yet here.

  2. I like that color; it reminds me of a Diet Coke can, which I suppose is exactly the point. 🙂 I also loved the pic of the shimmery red that I saw; I’m a sucker for a gorgeous red and when I allow myself to drink soda, it’s always Classic Coke, so…it’s a good fit for me. I totally agree about the NOPI bottles, they are a pain to store because of their weird bulky shape.

  3. From pictures, DC Lover reminds me an awful lot of Shine For Me from the 50Shades collection – just red bits instead of blue in the silver.

    Zero is My Hero I’m really looking forward to seeing when you get your fingers in it! It has that OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest look and I love that complicated shade. I hope it’s similar – but not the same 🙂

    ps. love that you did a top and a matte!

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