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Warning:  Your budget may be in danger.

high voltage sign

Do not keep out.  Do not avoid.  Run to your nearest Nyx Cosmetics dealer and take a gander at their new High Voltage Lipsticks.

Nyx has come out with a boatload of new products this spring.  I showed two of their new Intense Lip Glosses last month and was eager to try their new lipsticks.  To make my decision of which colors to get I relied on this video from ReadySetGlamour.  She models all 22 shades.  And I like this video because she keeps her other makeup, clothes, and even background toned down in order to spotlight the lip colors.

There are nudes/neutrals, brights, darks, and mid-tones.  Nude lipstick makes me look dead and darks usually make me look old and witchy, so I decided to get Tiara and Privileged, both mid-tone pinks.  Unfortunately when I went to Ulta the new display had already been devoured and several shades were sold out, including Tiara.  So I bought Privileged plus another one called Sweet 16.  Then later when Tiara was back in stock I got it too.

These High Voltage lipsticks are taller and narrower than what we think of as the standard lipstick size.  Each one contains 0.09 oz/2.5 ml of product.  For comparison, a Revlon Super Lustrous contains 0.15 oz/4.2 ml.  But these new Nyx ones are a wallet-friendly $5.99 each (not that Revlon is very expensive).

Let’s look!

High Voltage trio

High Voltage trio open

I like the smaller diameter and feel like it gives me more control in application.  These lipsticks have no noticeable scent and don’t leave a stain after removal.

Swatches under indirect bright outdoor light and then with the flash:

High Voltage swatch outd

High Voltage swatch flash

They feel smooth and soft and are not heavily opaque.  You can build up the coverage.  My only problem was a SUE (Stupid User Error) in that I bought two shades that are so close to each other, Tiara and Sweet 16.  SUPER close.  Sweet 16 is a touch more pink than Tiara.  Still, this is the general lip color I wear the most so I’m sure I’ll use up both.  Privileged is a pretty, bright, cool-toned fuchsia pink.

UPDATE:  3/11/15 — I’ve been wearing all three at various times and love them.  LOVE.  Will probably spring for a few more shades in the next sale I can find!


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  1. I like that term “SUE” — I plan to use it myself from now on. Don’t be rough on yourself, though. I think we are all naturally drawn to certain color families in makeup and nail polish so it’s common to find we’ve accumulated many that look alike. But there are always subtle differences, so they’re all necessary (just keep repeating that, haha).

  2. I don’t normally wear lipsticks, but I really like the swatch of Sweet 16.I am always afraid they aren’t going to last long at all. I might have to try that one. Good deal and price! And P.S. I also didn’t know what SUE stood for until now. I worked in customer service and we’d always just say user error.

  3. Tiara looks like a shade I’d like.

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