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Ugh, sorry I haven’t been posting much!  Don’t mean to leave you all high and dry, but I feel somewhat “in between” spring and summer news and new polishes.

But today I bring you a public service announcement from my fave super-budget brand, Sinful Colors:  Don’t text and drive.  Sinful Colors has a campaign going on called No Text Red.  It’s not new but I saw it for the first time today in a local store.

No text red

Those stats are chilling — thousands of teen deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries due to something so trivial as texting.  And of course it’s not just teens; adults do it too.

Sinful Colors has a polish called No Text Red, but really, any bright red will do.  Paint your thumbnail bright red as a reminder not to text while driving.  It’s for everybody — girls, guys, teens, adults.  Make a statement and spread the word.

No text red bottle



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  1. This idea of wearing red polish on your thumb to remind both young and old not to text while driving sounds kind of familiar. I think i heard of it some time ago, but it probably was not from a Sinful Color ad. It’s a good idea. Any idea that will call attention not to drive and text is always an idea that can’t be repeated too many times. So many unnecessary deaths. I remember seeing a demonstration on TV where an obstacle course was set up where they tested how well drivers did texting while driving, and their driving ability was so diminished, it was concluded that it compared very closely to someone driving while drunk or high. It is so scary how taking your eyes off the road to text, how one single moment can destroy your life and others. So people, especially teenagers, never think of the consequences. When I was raising my 4 teenagers, I’m thankful that there wasn’t all this social media I had to deal with. No cell phones to contend with. Of course, social media including cell phones have been wonderful in so many ways. But, it does make it harder, I think, to be able to monitor what their children are seeing, and being influenced by. I think about these things, with having 8 grandchildren, the oldest being 16 yrs old. Good post, Susan Oh, and by the way, I noticed there seemed to be a few more days of no posts than usual. Hey, sometimes there just isn’t anything to report, or it’s time for a break. It’s all good. Suzy

  2. I couldn’t find Sinful Colors No Text Red today when I went to Walmart. I’m in search of this polish! This is a wonderful cause. My good friend is always texting and driving. I tell him to stop and so does my sister- but he doesn’t. I hate seeing people on their cell phones and I even yell “GET OFF YOUR PHONE!” but they obviously can’t hear me. I saw Adam Levine from Maroon 5 was all for wearing red on your thumb for this cause. More people need to get off their phones. it’s so important. Great post. Thanks for bringing more attention to this very important cause.


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