Another 99¢ sale on Sinful Colors!

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It’s been a while since the last 99¢ sale on Sinful Colors polish at Walgreens.  But get your dollar bills and pennies ready, because it’s back!  Today, Sunday, 2/22 through Saturday, 2/28.

Sinful Colors has a bunch of new spring displays — St. Patrick’s Day greens, neons, pastels, brights.  For the best roundup, check out this megapost from Nouveau Cheap.  Cremes, glitters, jellies, shimmers.  I need another pink polish like a hole in the head, but that Rose Dust is calling my name.

If you’re not wowed by all the nude polishes that showed up at New York Fashion Week lately — and some of them looked to me like not even worth the effort — then check out the rainbow that Sinful Colors has for us hoi polloi who are easily entertained by bright colors and shiny things.


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  1. Michelle Talavera

    Thank you for the sale alert! I don’t get Walgreen’s ads so I love when you post it. And isn’t it funny how we get drawn to a shade (you mentioned pink)…for me it’s blues. I love em and I wear em. I also agree with the nude thing going on. Not a fan. I own a few for when the moment hits me that I want to wear it (mainly when I have nubs) but not a normal trend that I enjoy.


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