Whispers, I mean Tweets, from NYFW

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New York Fashion Week (NYFW), with the trends for Fall 2015, has been going on.  I haven’t reported anything because I haven’t seen anything worth mentioning.  Apparently the “big” look is nude nail polish, some manicures to the point of looking like the model is wearing absolutely NO polish.  Then why bother?

Nude polishes definitely have their place.  Maybe you just love them in general, and that’s cool.  Maybe you have a job that requires them.  One of the few nudes I like lately is the new semi-matte Ana from Zoya’s Naturel Satins.

Finally tonight I see something different.  Something that says “autumn” to me.  Check out this photo Tweeted by Zoya:  http://twitter.com/ZoyaNailPolish/status/567902878578409472/photo/1  Even better is this one:  http://twitter.com/SchifferFashion/status/567831964594749440/photo/1

I hope those are viewable.  They’re not my pictures so I can’t post them here.  They show six Zoya polishes:  Willa (black creme), Imogen (black glitter), both from this past winter’s Wishes Collection, and then four others.  One is named Loren and is a custom bronze shimmer, one is called Cinnamon and is a custom bronze glitter, one is Jules, and I can’t see a name for the fourth.  Loren and Cinnamon are catching my eye with bronze-copper goodness and I hope they will be part of Zoya’s fall lineup.

Now we’re talking!  They remind me of Autumn from last fall’s Ignite Collection, but darker and not a foil.

EDIT:  One more pic:  .   And don’t forget to check out Zoya on Instagram HERE.   More of the Zang Toi colors, plus a sneak peek of something called “The Naked Mani,” coming in April.  Looks like sheer nudes.  Nude sheers.  Tinted top coats?


I probably won’t be posting a lot in the next week.  We have company and I hope to be busy with family.  We’ll see!


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  1. I actually have very few nudes, and would like to get at least a few more. My problem is that I can’t tell the color difference in alot of them. Some are so close. I only own a few, Flynn. Brigette, and Pandora. I don’t do well in applying cremes, so any of the finishes are the ones I like. I actually have Jules, and love it, Oh, just noticed you added an “edit”. I’ll have to check that out.

    • Suzy, it sounds then like perhaps the upcoming “Naked Mani” from Zoya might be right up your alley. I am only guessing from the one photo (at this time it’s the fourth photo in the Instagram Zoya link), but they look like shiny sheer nude top coats — one is beige-nude, one is more peachy-pink, and one is taupe-nude.

      • Thanks. I’ll be on the look out when they go on sale, and can see better pictures. They probably won’t be out before my 1/2 order code expires March 1st. But, I have some colors ready, but was just waiting a bit, just in case there are some new colors. I can only afford so may polishes, regardless if the order is 1/2 off. I want to get another Anchor base coat, Leslie, Zara, Rebel, and Rayne. I haven’t looked at the difference in awhile of Rebel versus Rayne, so I’ll look again Still not sure of the Satin Neutrals.. But, absolutely want Rebel, but may trade Rayne for another one. I’m always changing my mind. Have fun with your company.


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