Perfect for Valentine’s Day

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The big V is coming up, Valentine’s Day.  It used to be a big deal with me and Mr. Silver Nail, but now after 30+ years, we’re more, “Hey, I got you a card.”  “I got you a card too.”  “Cute, thanks!”  “Wanna go out to dinner?”  “Doesn’t matter to me; we could stay home and have spaghetti and wine just as well.”  “OK.”  Quelle passion!

But a good red or pink nail polish is always good to have, Valentine’s Day or not.  What if you can’t really decide between the two colors?

Here’s an older polish from Zoya that I recently picked up in their New Year’s promo.  It’s called Ariel and is from the Summer 2007 Smitten Collection.


Wow, gorgeous, if you love both pink and red.  It appears red in the bottle but the base is a sheer magenta pink and there’s dark pink shimmer in it.

It’s not very opaque, however, and I used three coats — might’ve even needed a fourth, although you could put down an opaque creme in a close shade and then use Ariel as a top coat.  Under indirect outdoor light and with the fill flash:


Ariel flash

Against my other red polishes it looks pink, and against my other pinks it looks red!

Ariel should not be confused with the way-too-similarly named Arielle from Zoya, which is a dusty orchid pink, nor with Aria which is no longer available.


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  1. Wow, that really is pretty. If the dry time is fast enough, the extra coats may be liveable… I’m considering.


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