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New lip products from Nyx!  The company has come out with a ton of new things for Spring 2015 and one of the new lines is called Intense Butter Gloss and includes twelve shades.

I had a post in December about Nyx’s regular Butter Glosses and I loved them.  After those two light pinks I showed you, I went out and bought a bunch more, mostly in holiday or post-holiday sales.

The Butter Glosses are sheer and the new Intense Butter Glosses are much more, well, intense.  Opaque.  Un-sheer.  In your face (literally).  When I first saw online swatches of them I was reminded of the Melted line from Too Faced, and although I don’t own any of those, the SRP of Melteds is $21 each and the Nyx Intense Butter Glosses are $6 each.  You do the math.

I haunted our local Ulta until I saw these new glosses in person and haven’t seen them yet at other stores such as Target.  I could not believe how picked over the new Nyx product displays were already!

I picked up Napoleon, a medium pink, and Chocolate Crepe, a mauve-brown.

Nyx Intense

Nyx Intense2

The applicator is a good-sized flat sponge-tip.  Don’t jerk it out of the container quickly or gloss may go flying.  I didn’t discern any particular scent to these.

Here are swatches on my inner arm, first under indirect dull outdoor light and then with a fill flash (although, because of the reflection it may appear to be the other way around).

Nyx Intense swatch outd

Nyx Intense swatch flash

This is one light swatch, not built-up layers, so I believe you can see how much more opaque they are than the regular Butter Glosses.  As a reminder, here are swatches of two of those:

Nyx butter glosses swatch flash

On my lips, I found Napoleon to be a little more coral and less pink than I expected.  And Chocolate Crepe was more mauve on my lips, not a muddy brown at all.  I did use quite a light touch though.  Upon removal, each gloss left a bit of a stain.

I like the Intense Butter Glosses OK but prefer the lighter regular Butter Glosses, as I feel the Intense ones’ opacity highlights every fine line and the slightest rough spot on my lips.  However, if you’re fed up with lip glosses that are too sheer and want something heavier, I recommend getting one of the Intense BGs and giving it a try.  You can see swatches of all the colors on Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

As of the time of my purchase and this writing, Ulta was/is having a BOGOHO (buy one get one half off) sale on Nyx lip products.  Plus, Nyx is considered a regular, not “prestige” brand of cosmetics, so you can use one of many Ulta coupons on your haul, either in-store or online.  Between the sale and a coupon, my two Intense Butter Glosses ended up costing me $3.95 each.


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