Zoya’s Delight polishes – comparisons, Part 2

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Disclosure:  Most of these polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.

Two days ago I showed comparisons for the three shimmers in Zoya’s new spring collection, Delight.  Today let’s look at comps for the three cremes.

All photos are under indirect bright outdoor light.  Two to three coats of polish (I forgot to write each one down, duh) and no top coat.

First, the second blue polish in the set, Lillian.  It’s an aquamarine-leaning light blue.

Delight comp blue b

Delight comp blue b2

Blu, from last year’s Lovely Collection, is a lighter and more powder blue or baby blue.  Kristen’s an older polish, from the 2011 Feel Collection, and is a beautiful light grayish-blue.  I feel Blu looks a bit chalky on my skin tone and prefer Lillian or Kristen.

Now the pistachio green Tiana.

Delight comp green

I was asked to compare Tiana to Wednesday, but as you can tell, Wednesday is much darker and a definite teal, not light green, so I didn’t swatch it.

Delight comp green2

Tiana’s more yellowish and Neely is very slightly grayish.  Tiana had a better, thicker formula for me too.

Now the pink creme Eden.  So many possible comparisons!

Delight comp pink

I pulled these four other polishes and except for Kitridge they’re close but there are no complete dupes.  With the two lightest pinks in the group:

Delight comp pink2

Eden’s closest to Shelby but is a bit darker.  Both have a cool orchid tone.  Kitridge is a warmer bubble gum pink.

Delight comp pink3

Jolene and Rooney are near-dupes for each other but not for Eden, which is lighter and less fuchsia than the other two.

Of all these pinks, I like Shelby and Eden the best on my hands.  My bottle of Shelby is almost three years old and is starting to go “off” (as is Jolene) so I’m happy to replace it with Eden.

Disclosure:  Most of these polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.


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  1. I prefer Lillian, Tiana and Kitridge thanks for posting huni

  2. Thank you for your comparisons! I think that I will probably pick up only Tiana from this group. I have so many light blue creams that I’m pretty sure I have something dupe-y for Lillian and I’m not much of a pink girl so don’t need Eden (I have half a Helmer-drawer of pinks I rarely touch). However, I could see people with a less-extensive hoarding…ummm…COLLECTING issue needing all three. 😉


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