Zoya’s Delight polishes – comparisons, Part 1

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Disclosure:  Most of these polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.

It’s been a weird couple of days.  Our credit card number was stolen and getting that cleared up is a mountain of paperwork, a bunch of phone calls, and NO FUN.

Word to the wise —  check your bank/card statements often.  Set up email alerts for any deductions to your accounts (I had them for my checking account but not the credit card — lesson learned).  We’ve learned that hackers often start by making small charges to your account and if those slip through they try larger and larger amounts, maybe within a few hours.  $49.99 became $500 real fast but fortunately our wonderful bank caught it early.

Enough of that, let’s play with some polish.  Just a few comparisons aka comps today because my nails and cuticles are still not in the best shape.

The other day I showed you the new Delight Collection from Zoya and today I’ll do comps of the three shimmers.  All photos are under indirect outdoor light and I used three coats of every polish.

First, the lavender Leslie.

Delight comp lav2

I pulled several colors but thought that Zara and Dannii were obviously much darker than Leslie and not really close enough to need swatching.  Zara has a pretty golden shimmer to it; check my review here.  Dannii’s a great purple but not a lavender.

Here are Hudson and Julie compared to Leslie:

Delight comp lav

As you can see, Leslie almost looks pinkish by comparison and it has a turquoise shimmer.  Hudson is a heavier, more blue-toned foil, and Julie is a slightly grayish, lighter foil.

Now the shimmery blue of Rayne.

Delight comp blue2

I was asked to comp Jo but it’s so much darker and more periwinkle that I didn’t swatch it.  Jo’s been one of my fave blues for years.

Delight comp blue

Rayne and Rebel are fairly close, but Rebel is a thicker and darker foil.

Finally, the yellow Daisy.

Delight comp yellow2

Delight comp yellow

Brooklyn is more of a frost and brushstrokes are a bother.  Daisy and Piaf are very similar in color but Daisy has the Delight Collection’s turquoise shimmer.

Which should you get?  I can’t tell you.  Hudson and Rebel were two of my favorite polishes from 2014, and I think their slightly darker pastels look better on my skin tone.  Just a personal preference.

More comps later this week!

Disclosure:  Most of these polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.


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  1. These are gorgeous polishes! re the cc #, change your paypal password and maybe even your email password. I just read this morning about another nail gal having her cc# stolen and the next day found more charges via paypal acct.

  2. Leslie and Zara are so beautiful!!! I google imaged Hudson a while back and have it on my wishlist but I am thinking Leslie and Zara now =P
    TY for those swatches.

  3. I always love your Zoya comparisons!
    I’m sorry you have to go through that nonsense of stolen numbers. At least you have all these Zoyas to comfort you 😉

  4. You have my sympathies on the stolen c/c. I had my identity stolen 3 years ago. Even though I am hyper careful about shredding sensitive documents, have dozens of different passwords & take other extreme security measures, our escrow company was not as vigilant so our mortgage paperwork was stolen from their storage unit. As you all probably know, that is truly the holy grail of ID theft cuz mortgage apps contain EVERYTHING about a person’s identity except blood type. DOB, DL#, SSN#, bank accounts, credit card #s, car loans, mother’s maiden name, you name it, they got it!

    So…. it was a huge mess to clean up and the worst part is that’s it’s ongoing. Even 3 years on, I still get statements in the mail for stuff I never ordered (or things delivered to me I didn’t order because the none-too-bright thief forgot to use his/her own physical address for delivery). So It’s like always having to put out little fires before they turn into bigger ones. I’m as careful as I can be, but bottom line, if someone else isn’t just as careful with your info, you’re toast. Aren’t I Little Miss Sunshine today? 🙂

    On a brighter note, thanks for the polish comparisons, they always help with choosing shades.

  5. Susan, so sorry to hear that your credit card was stolen. That happened to me twice. It’s a real hassle to get it all sorted out. I check my accounts daily. Really, every day, regardless if I haven’t spent anything. It’s probably more of an OCD thing, and I’ve just got in the habit of checking on the same things when I turn on my computer, before I move onto other computer related stuff. Not necessarily in the same order, but I check my accounts, my emails, the 10 day forecast, Facebook, and of course The Silver Nail. I have to see what’s up, no matter if it’s info other than nail polish. It’s not always about nail polish (even though that’s my favorite subject), and that makes it fun. I love your comparisons. I think I love both Rebel and Rayne, and Leslie too. Oh, and love Zara too. Haven’t seen that one before. I’ll be looking forward to Part #2. Suzy

  6. Oh, and I’m wearing Jo. I must be in a blue mood, and in a good way. LOL Suzy

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  8. These are all lovely polishes (and I have most of the comparison ones as well) – I suspect I will get them all!


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