Remember the mood ring?

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Oh, I loved the 1970s.  A time of peace, love, and REALLY REALLY questionable fashion sense.  You may have read some of my old posts with pictures from 1972 issues of Seventeen.

Do you remember the mood ring?  It fit the true definition of a fad — came out of seemingly nowhere, was wildly popular for a short time in 1975 and 1976, then disappeared.  In case you missed it, the mood ring was tongue-in-cheek supposed to sense your moods and change color to fit them.  Blue – happy, red – angry, green – normal/average, black – get the hell out of my way, and so on.

These rings, of course, did not read your mind but merely had a thin layer of temperature-sensing liquid crystal display in them, and they even wore out after a while, settling into a greenish-brown shade of blah that wouldn’t change any more.  Being in high school at the time, naturally I just had to have one.  It was a real cheapie.  Many years later when I was married with small children, I bought a kids’ forehead thermometer strip that worked on the same principle, except it was marked in degrees.  I used to think, “Mood ring for your forehead!” every time we used it.

Which leads me to color changing “mood” polish for your nails.  LeChat has come out with a bunch of them, seen on the company’s web site here.  This is the picture:

LeChat mood colors

Like the rings of yore, they respond to changes in temperature.  Here’s a video showing one of the shades (by the way, I pronounce the brand’s name in the French way, “le shah,” which means “the cat”).

They’re gel polishes and rather pricey; Transdesign has them for $15.95 each.

The price is only one reason I’m not interested in trying them.  Another is that I would think you need to have all your nails the exact same length (including your nail beds, something you can’t really control) in order for the polish to look nice and not patchy.  I’ve tried polish from Ruby Wing that changes color in the sun and it’s cute but not really my thing.  Great for kids, though.  And I suspect that were I still in high school, I’d be all over it like snags on a pink polyester jumpsuit.


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  1. I was way too old for mood rings when they came out – I was almost 35 then but I do remember them

  2. I am easily entertained, so color changing polish is high on my list of entertaining things…but not at that price. 🙂 I have too many polishes to spend the money on the extended wear gel polishes…on to the next untried!

  3. Oh my, I remember mood rings and I had to have one. Yes, it was 1975 and I was a freshman in Jr. High. They still called it Junior High back then. Bell bottoms, hip huggers, stacks, leather bracelets with your name tooled in, pet rocks, and mood rings. Um yes, crazy fashions back then, but it was the heyday of the 70’s so I’m sure all of the fashion world was high on something. But remember when nail polish only came in pretty much two colors, red or pink? That was then. I remember Cutex polish which I haven’t seen in decades and had quite forgotten about until this moment. I would have loved the color changing polish. Now, I think it’s a cute and easy way to “do” a gradient but I am not into the novelty these days. Give me a crazy glitter or topper and I’m all over it.

  4. You do have to have an UV or LED light to cure these gel polishes, so I don’t think I would recommend them as anyone’s first foray into gel polish. Trandesign is a favourite online beauty supply of mine, but like almost all gel polishes, LeChat Mood is much cheaper on

    I love gel polish the way I loved mood rings in High School! They were the fad of the moment, though, not like Dr Scholl sandals and muslin peasant blouses or halter tops, that went from 74′ to 78′. I didn’t have the allowance to look anything like the girls in Seventeen, and my nemesis as far as nails went was the Girl’s PE department: no matter what nail strengthening and growing regimen I attempted–Cutex, Revlon or exotic, volleyball and dodgeball would snap off.

    I’ve got 5 of the LeChat Moods, and I’m not stopping there.

  5. That’s fun! If I still had time to wear gel polish, I might be tempted but alas, there is no time in between changing polish every 10 minutes. For a vacation I might try it though! But not Dazzling Dawn – no, not that one. 🙂

  6. I was born in the 70s but remember the 80s much more. I tried this LeChat mood gel polish at the recent ISSE Long Beach, CA show and there was not much ‘mood’ going on…mine was red (when cold)/pink (when hot/warm)and I did not see any ‘mood changes’….The sample nail stayed pink throughout the time I had it on. I’ll have to give it another chance…


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