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Quick swatch today.  I was going through some older polishes when I realized there was one that slipped under my radar, and I hadn’t swatched it.  It’s Tess from Zoya.

A mauve/plummy pink foil, I found that it had a pretty strong smell, perhaps because it is older.  It’s no longer available on Zoya’s web site but if you feel you have to have it, Nails Ave. carries it and some other discontinued Zoyas.  Tess was part of the Fall 2006 Uptown Collection which was rather monochromatic.  Quinn, Paige, Andi, and Coco are still sold by Zoya if you’re interested.

Tess’s formula was fine and I used two coats, but the brushstrokes were more visible than I prefer.  Under indirect bright outdoor light and with a fill flash:


Tess flash

Eh, I dunno…. I can’t work up much enthusiasm for this color, and I usually love foils.  Sorry!

The name Tess puts me in mind of that book we were all forced to read in English Literature, Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy.  One summer, between my high school graduation and going off to college, I had a self-imposed death wish task to read as many Thomas Hardy novels as I could.  I don’t recommend it, because if you aren’t depressed when you start, you certainly will be when you finish.

Jude the Obscure, Far from the Madding Crowd, The Mayor of Casterbridge….. just kill me now.  No, I’m kidding; they were well worth reading and I’m glad I did.  But they are depressing!  If you prefer movie versions of classic lit, the Julie Christie/Terence Stamp vehicle, 1967’s Far from the Madding Crowd is pretty good.  My favorite is the 2003 TV movie The Mayor of Casterbridge with Ciarán Hinds in the title role.  I would watch a movie of Mr. Hinds reading the dictionary, though, so I’m not unbiased.

Bonus!  The term “cliffhanger” originated with the serialised version of Hardy’s novel A Pair of Blue Eyes, in which one of the protagonists is left literally hanging off a cliff.  In case you’re ever in a trivia contest and need to know that.


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  1. Oh, Thomas Hardy! The best. Exquisite, beautiful, but so poignant. Tragic really, you’re so right, one must RECOVER after reading one of his novels. Ever try “The Woodlanders”? Lesser known, but an intriguing story, not so heart-wrenching, and gives an amazing feel of the way of life in rural 19th century England.

  2. I think this color is really pretty!

  3. I think the color is nice but the brushstrokes are no go! LOL!

  4. I love the foil colors very much! Hey no worries, I have older polishes stashed away as well. I’m not sure about odor from older polish but if it works, it’s great! Beautiful nails as always!


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