Pie Day!

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No, I’m not an Aussie saying “pay day.”  It’s not Pi Day, which is March 14th (3.14).  It’s National Pie Day.  Really.

What better time to break out another Butter Lip Gloss from Nyx called Cherry Pie?  I picked it up as part of a trio at Ulta at Christmas time but it’s available separately, with an SRP of $5.00.  Sleek Nail is still having a sale on Nyx Cosmetics, and it’s only $4.00 there.

Cherry Pie

As you might imagine, Cherry Pie is a bright red, but the sheerness of the Butter Lip Glosses mean you can wear it as a sheer wash of color or build it up.  Feels light and moisturizing.

Cherry Pie swatch

Both swatches are Cherry Pie; the top one is built up a little more.

Nyx is coming out soon with a new line of Butter Glosses called Intense that will be more pigmented.  Stay tuned for more news on that line as I hear it.

Since it’s Pie Day and this is a short post so far, how about a pie recipe?  No, I am not going to turn this into a cooking blog, but just once, why not?  This is an old recipe of my mother’s — don’t know where she got it — called Million Dollar Pie.  It doesn’t cost a million dollars to make, and while it’s good I wouldn’t pay a million dollars to buy one, either.  It’s easy, different, and very tart.

Million Dollar Pie

2 baked pie crusts

  • 1 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated milk)
  • 1/2 c. lemon juice
  • 1 c. crushed tart cherries
  • 1 c. chopped nuts (I like pecans)
  • 1 large Cool Whip container

Combine milk, lemon juice, cherries, nuts, and Cool Whip, then spoon equally into pie crusts.  Refrigerate.  Makes 2 pies.


I have a follow-up to an older post of mine.  I wrote about a box from Memebox called While You Were Sleeping here and I’ve been enjoying the contents.  One of the things I hadn’t tried at the time of the review was the Rosemine Azulene Calming Gel and I just had an opportunity to try it.

This is kind of embarrassing.  Since the big M (menopause) I’ve had my hair do weird things.  Stopped growing under my armpits (yay).  Started growing on my upper lip (boo).  I tweeze the hair I don’t want on my lip but when it gets to be too much I resort to a Scorched Earth policy and attack it with Nair, the kind made especially for facial hair.

When the instructions say, “Leave the cream on for 5 minutes,” what it really means is, “DON’T EXCEED 5 MINUTES, YOU MORON!”  Sigh.  I set a timer but it didn’t start correctly and I probably had it on for 10 minutes.  When I did wipe it off, oh, did my upper lip hurt.  It burned.  But then I remembered I had the Azulene gel and used that.  What a relief!  It was immediately cooling and calming, and took the redness away too.

As you can see, my mind today is rather like an attic in an old house.  Full of junk and miscellany, but if you look around long enough you might find something good.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Love this post. And, I find plenty of good stuff in every one you write, I may not comment on each one, but I read them all. It’s part of my routine. Have to see what The Silver Nail is sharing with us today. First, I LOVE Cherry Pie. One of my favorites. When I bake a pie with my grandaughter I even sing this pie song I heard from the movie “The Waitress”. It’s just a silly cute song. I’m glad she doesn’t mind my terrible voice. My hair on my head is not as cooperative as it used to be, as far as trying to style it. But, having a PixieCut helps. I love it short. Really don’t have to shave under my arms, and lately not so much on my legs. I guess that’s one positive for getting old. Not on my upper lip, at least not yet. Yikes, sorry yours was burning. I’ll have to check out this Azulene gel. And, as far as my mind, it seems that most days mine is full of misc junk that I have to organize. Have a good weekend. Suzy

    • I loved the movie “Waitress”!! Why Andy Griffith didn’t get a Best Supporting Actor nod from the Oscars, I’ll never know. 😀

      • I agree. Have always loved Andy Griffith. In fact, I have loved and seen everyone of the episodes of “The Andy Griffith” show. I even have my favorite one where Aunt Bee gets a bed jacket for her birthday. Now a days, this show would be considered rather corny, but I loved them, and still do, and watch them when I can find them on TV. Don Knotts,, and the actor(forgot his name), who played Opie, and since of course has gone on to be a terrific director/producer of many award winning films. They both were such good actors in that show. Anyway, Andy Griffith was terrific in “The Waitress”.

  2. Being obnoxious, Pi Day is actually March 14th. Sorry, the geek in me was itching to come out.

  3. I love your posts! I too struggle with upper lip hair, I have all my life, so whenever I wax I always put a little bit of the azulene solution that the waxing kit comes with. It’s probably not the same thing as the one you have but it really saves my poor upper lip!


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