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I have some good news and bad news when it comes to satin finish polish.  The good news is that my samples of Zoya’s new Naturel Satins Collection are on their way to me.  The bad news is that they’re traveling via FedEx SmartPost, or, as I prefer to call it, DumbPost.  It takes forever.  For.  Ev.  Er.  The set is not scheduled to reach me for over a week.  Zoya could have thrown the box from Ohio to Montana and it would reach me more quickly.

However, I don’t wish to look a gift horse in the mouth and am very grateful to Zoya, as always, for sending me media samples gratis.  Perhaps SmartPost saves them money, and that doesn’t hurt anyone.

While we wait, I want to tell you about another satin polish that I scored in a very good deal.  Our local KMart had a ton of clearance cosmetics and nail polishes, and among the detritus was some Sally Hansen Satin Glam polish.

Satin Glam came out a year or so ago, and I was tempted to pick some up, but not very tempted.  The original SRP was $5.49 and the bottle contains a mere 0.33 oz/10 ml.  But at this clearance sale they were only $1.37.  Can do!

I picked up Taffeta, the purple of the group.

Taffeta bottle

I don’t care for this style of bottle from Sally Hansen — the base narrows at the very bottom which makes it more prone to wobbling and possible tipping.  I have to hold the bottle with one hand when I wipe the brush on the neck of the bottle with the other.  A minor point but worth mentioning.

Taffeta is a medium grape purple, almost orchid in some lights.  The satin or semi-matte finish is very pretty.  I used three thin coats, making sure to let each dry well, and it dried very smoothly.  Does feel satin-y!

Under indirect outdoor light and then with the flash:

Taffeta outd

Taffeta flash

Lovely.  It’s not a glossy finish nor a dead-flat matte.  You can, of course, put a clear shiny top coat on it…

Taffeta w clear top coat outd

… but I prefer it semi-matte.

At this price I may try to pick up a few more colors.


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  1. Dumbpost, LOL, it’s so true! Track one of those packages and it will say “Departed Fed Ex Facility, Tennessee” and then 5 days of nothing while presumably the truck is ambling it’s way across the prairies.

    Both SmartPost and the UPS version (“FastPost or some similar name) are collaborations between the private companies and the postal service, maximizing the routes and facilities of each, so yes, it saves money for the shipper as it makes the overall trek more efficient. We will see more of these collaborations until the day the post office is finally fully privatized, which of course should have happened decades ago. The post office is obsolete, and trying to make themselves relevant with these joint efforts.

  2. Oooh, I really like that color and especially the finish. Very pretty. And that price is unbeatable! Our lone K-Mart around these parts just closed up shop, so I’m out of luck, but I’ll enjoy these great deals vicariously through you if you buy and review more of them. 🙂

  3. Dumbpost is right. When I have a choice, I will nearly always cough-up an extra couple of bucks for anything else! This is a really nice color, but since we don’t have a KMart anywhere nearby I guess I’m out of luck. Have you tried mattifying it to see how it looks that way?

    • Yes, I didn’t have a choice on the shipping. I was surprised, too, since my review samples have always come express before. Must have been a glitch. C’est la vie!

      Haven’t tried a matte coat on Taffeta, great idea.

  4. I have the same problems with FedEx SmartPost, or UPS, or really anyone that is delivering anything I order from anywhere. What I can’t stand is when days go by, and there is nothing posted at all. I have no idea where my package is. Then, suddenly when it’s out for delivery, they update all the missing days. Drives me nuts. I probably want at least 2 of the new Satin Neutrals, and more of the Anchor base coat, using my 1/2 off order code. But since I’m waiting until Feb to order, I’m going to assume you will have your Satin Neutrals by then. I want to check out your swatches and reviews before I decide, as I always do. I’m still waiting for my order from the last promo, but I know it said it could take 5 weeks, and there were thousands of orders. I’m not in a hurry anyway. I have plenty of polish. Suzy


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