Spring news from Orly — Sugar High

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Many polish companies have already previewed their upcoming spring sets, some even months ago, like OPI’s Hawaii set.

I’ve been searching for news about Orly’s spring 2015 collection and now there’s Sugar High.  I have no official press release nor photos of my own, and I certainly don’t have the polishes.

However, a couple of other bloggers have the new set so let me steer you towards their sites for swatches, opinions, and photos.

The Nail Polish Project

Nail and Polish

I’m really glad to see the news but have to admit the set leaves me cold.  Two off-whites (more or less), a color I don’t wear.  Lime green, another color I dislike.  Pink/mauve/purple?  Got enough of those for a while, especially in plain cremes.  Don’t mean to sound like a wet blanket, but there ya go.

Tentative release of February 2015.


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  1. They’re pretty enough, but this year’s spring collections seem so…I don’t know…ordinary. Where are fun finishes, something unexpected? Yawn.

  2. Mm, I think I’ll skip Sugar High. China Glaze Road Trip has the same been-there-done-that feel, and there’s only two from Zoya’s Delight collection that really interest me (and one of those is iffy because I may have something similar already). Good news for my wallet, I guess, but my nail-polish-lovin’ heart is disappoint.

  3. I have to admit, I like this collection except for the dark purple – it looks exactly like Orly’s Wild Wisteria!


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