Reader request — Layering with pink Zoyas

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Intrepid reader L. had a request to show some Zoya glitters layered over some Zoya cremes.  All polishes are from two Zoya collections last summer called Tickled and Bubbly.  See those linked posts for many pictures of the colors swatched on their own.

Kitridge, Rooney, and Wendy are cremes; Harper and Binx are jelly-like glitters.  All are various shades of pink.

5forcomp 5 polishes

A nice thing about layering or using a glitter top coat is that (a) the “undies,” or underlying base color, doesn’t have to be as neat or as opaque as when you wear it on its own, and (b) the glitter top coat doesn’t need as many coats as when you wear it solo.  All photos are under indirect outdoor light with no additional top coat.

Binx over Kitridge:

5forcomp Binx over Kitridge

Harper over Rooney:

5forcomp Harper over Rooney

Harper over Wendy:

5forcomp Harper over Wendy

All are very pretty; I think it just depends on whether you want a cooler pink or a warmer one.  Both glitters, Binx and Harper, are cool-toned.

And just for yucks, because I’m curious that way, I switched the polishes around.

Harper over Kitridge:

5forcomp Harper over Kitridge

Binx over Rooney:

5forcomp Binx over Rooney

Binx over Wendy:

5forcomp Binx over Wendy

All six looks together for easier comparison, click on this photo for a much larger picture:

5forcomp 6 looks

Sometimes subtle differences can be the most fun!


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  1. Thank you for swatching these! I love them! I really love Binx and Harper over Wendy-I had mostly seen her with Alma or Jesy. I love subtle differences-they are enough to keep my nail attention span busy, for a few days at least. 😉 It’s also nicer to know that when I spend the money, I’m getting a truly versatile color.


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