OPI’s annual summer brights, a sneak peek

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OPI has a set of brights or neons every summer, so this is no surprise, but hearing about it this early in the year (a little bird told me) is a change!

There are nine colors, six of which are new and three of which are old aka “re-promotes.”

OPI Brights 2015

OPI Brights 2015 display

The new colors are:

  • Can’t Hear Myself Pink
  • I Sea You Wear OPI
  • I Stop for Red
  • My Car has Navy-gation
  • On Pinks & Needles
  • The Berry Thought of You

plus there are:

  • Down to the Core-al (re-promote)
  • Hotter Than You Pink (re-promote)
  • Life Gave Me Lemons (re-promote)

OPI’s usually good about having a mini-set.

OPI Brights 2015 mini set

Contains:  Hotter Than You Pink, Can’t Hear Myself Pink, Down to the Core-al, Life Gave Me Lemons,  I Sea You Wear OPI, and My Car Has Navy-gation.

Colors, color names, and availability are subject to change.  Release date tentatively May 2015.


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  1. Ooh!! Do you have any of the old colors that you can recommend? This collections looks like fun!

  2. Pssst. On Pinks and Needles is a glitter topper. 😉


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