I’ve got two, I mean seven, tickets to paradise

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After the first of the year, I’m always in the mood for news about spring polishes.  I love snow in December and Christmas and all that jazz, but in January I start wishing for less snow and cold and looking for that extra minute or two of daylight we get as we move towards spring.

Color Club has had a new collection announced for quite some time now but I didn’t want to mention it ’til I was in more of a spring mood.  It’s Ticket to Paradise.

CC Ticket to Paradise

The marketing blurb on Color Club’s page says, “Travel to where the palm trees grow, where the breeze is warm, and the sun is shining. Pair shades together for a tropical gradient, or where [sic] alone for a semi-matte beach glass finish.

There’s a mini-set of Ticket to Paradise that looks like a good variety of colors, and also the colors look slightly different from those above, much darker.

CC Ticket to Paradise minis

Blogger The Nail Polish Challenge has swatches of all seven and they look lovely.  Most have a jelly texture and a slight shimmer.  Check out her beautiful nails HERE.  Further proof that short nails can be fashionable and fantastic!  I’m still searching for a perfect peach, and Tiny Umbrella might be it.

Each polish is $8.50 at Color Club’s web site but only $3.25 each at e-tailer Head2ToeBeauty.

The title of my post comes, of course, from the 1978 rock single, “Two Tickets to Paradise” by Eddie Money.  Catch a live version here and dig that ’70s shag hair:

or, if the embed doesn’t work, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCacbNlrqYk .

This song was famously spoofed by Mr. Money himself (real name Eddie Mahoney) in this 2012 Geico commercial:


Have a great weekend!


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  1. I am ready for spring polishes and colors too! I love the dark jewel tones and vampy deep rich winter colors but I am ready for a change and it can’t come soon enough. Sigh…it’s not even February yet. Feb seems such a looong month waiting for spring and the daffodils and snow crocuses to pop up and show their lovely faces and brighten the landscape in March.

  2. Living in California where a cold day means it’s 50 degrees, I don’t really follow the usual seasonal fashion trends. I wear all sorts of colors on my nails year round because the weather is almost always warm and sunny (with rare exceptions in Dec-Jan when it might actually dip down to the 30s overnight– exciting!) 🙂 If I waited for cold months to wear my vampy dark colors and jewel tones, which happen to be my faves, I’d get maybe one week in which to do so, LOL. It would be pastels all year round and, while pretty enough, those are my least faves. So I just have to enjoy the seasonal nail and makeup trends vicariously through those of you who live in colder climates (I used to be one myself, having spent the first half of my life in the frosty midwest!). It’s fun to see the new products coming out. Lastly, I loved the title of your post, cuz Eddie Money was a fave when I was growing up. Now I’ll have that song running through my mind all day … and I don’t mind one bit! Happy weekend, everyone!

  3. Whatever the season, I wear any color despite the weather. For me, it’s just what I’m in the mood for. What I want to do (this year), is make a plan to wear colors I wear the least, instead of just my favorites. I love all my Zoya’s, but find looking at all my colors, there are some I’ve only worn a few times.

    • I wish I was more of a “wear any color any time” gal, but I really enjoy shifting my clothes, makeup colors, and polish colors with the seasons. I’m probably too fixated on such things but can’t seem to help it (OCD calling!). 😉

  4. Me and Suzy – the “any color whenever I feel like it” gals! We should start a club. I am actually a big Color Club fan and have a lot of their polishes…and I’m sure I’ll be picking up at least a few of this new collection.


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