Putting French Fries on my eyes

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And you can too.  Today I have a couple of eye makeup products that were new to me recently and which I’ve really been enjoying.

Both are from Nyx Cosmetics.  Nyx is rapidly becoming one of my favorite drugstore brands; it’s not as widely available as, say, Maybelline and Cover Girl, but besides the company’s own web site the products are available at Ulta, Target, etc.  I can’t recall seeing them in a Walmart, but that might be something that varies from locale to locale.  Online retailers carry Nyx too, such as Sleek Nail, which as of this writing is having a 20% off sale on the brand.

I’ve talked about Nyx Butter Lip Glosses (love) and today I have an eye shadow pencil/crayon and an eye liner in similar but not identical colors.  They are the chubby Jumbo Eye Pencil in color French Fries and the slim Slide On Pencil in Golden Bronze.  Closed and then open in closeup:

2 bronze closed

2 bronze open closeup

Color names can be so confusing because I’d actually call the Golden Bronze eye liner more of a coppery bronze, and French Fries is a warm medium golden brown.

Both apply so smoothly — no hard points, no tugging or skipping.  The only drawback I see to them is that both must be sharpened; they aren’t the twist-up kind.  Here are swatches on the skin of my inner arm, under indirect snowy outdoor light and then with the flash:

2 bronze swatches outd

2 bronze swatches flash

French Fries is blendable — something I prefer in an eye shadow — but the eye liner stays put and is even water proof.  Here are the same swatches after a quick light finger smudge.

2 bronze swatches smudged

I find that the eye shadow did set after a bit, or you can set it more quickly with a powder shadow.

My favorite way to use either of these products is to use the Golden Bronze as an eye liner on my lower lash line only.  It really makes my brown eyes stand out!  Plus it doesn’t look harsh, the way a black or other very dark eye liner would under the lower lashes.  I’ve read it’s also a good color on blue and green eyes.

The Jumbo Eye Pencil is currently $4.00 at Sleek Nail, and it’s $4.49 at Ulta which is also having a BOGOHO sale on Nyx makeup.  The Slide On eye liner is $6.40 at Sleek Nail and $7.99 at Ulta.


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  1. Nice swatches and review. I also have brown eyes and love a bronze eyeliner! I use Mary Kay eyeliner in Bronze almost daily! 🙂

  2. I love NYX products. They are affordable and great quality. I have that fat pencil in white (Cottage Cheese and Milk colors) but haven’t tried any real colors. I love that shade though and bronze looks great on my skin so I am adding that to my shopping list. I loved the title for your post today and I was truly stumped about putting french fries on your eyes. Hahaha I didn’t know there was a color with that name. That is an odd name for a shadow but then so is cottage cheese.

  3. NYX is definitely my favorite “drugstore” brand. I have so many of their products it’s crazy. I have a ton of those jumbo eye pencils, including the French Fries one. Besides wearing on their own, they make a great base for other shadows as well, especially Milk, which is a matte white color. And I love those Slide On pencils. They’re just as good as the Urban Decay 24/7 and Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes pencils (and a lot cheaper). I have several of those as well.

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