Road Tripping with Boho Blues

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A couple of weeks ago I previewed China Glaze’s new Spring 2015 collection, Road Trip.


It’s out now!  Yesterday I was at Ulta and saw a new, untouched display.  So I touched it.  A few times.

The shade that was calling to me was Boho Blues, which China Glaze describes as “soft indigo blue creme.”

CG Boho Blues

I would call it a sky blue with a faint periwinkle or lavender tint, and it is a creme with no shimmer.  It’s a really lovely color.  Three coats, no top coat, under indirect outdoor light and then with the flash:

Boho Blues

Boho Blues flash

Unfortunately I didn’t like the formula.  It was thin and patchy, and no matter how long I waited between coats, the brush dug into the coat underneath.  You can see some obvious pebbling near my cuticles in the first picture.

Maybe it was just my bottle or the weather affecting things today, who knows.  As I said, it’s such a pretty color.  But is it unique?  Nah.  I’ve swatched similar ones before.

Rebecca from Julep:


Castle of Dreams from Pure Ice:

Castle of Dreams outd

Also, looking at China Glaze’s own Avant Garden, the spring set from last year, Fade Into Hue looks close.  Here are swatches of that whole set from The Polishaholic.  Plus I’ve tried some shimmers that are close in color but which of course have a different finish.

Cremes pretty much have to have a “wow factor” for me any more, and while Boho Blues is pretty, it’s not wow because of the formula.  Price was $7.50 at Ulta for a full-sized bottle, 0.5 oz/14 ml.  They also had a set of six “micro minis” (0.125 oz, only enough for a couple of manis each) from the Road Trip Collection which included Boho Blues.  Its price wasn’t marked but at Ulta’s web site it’s $12.00.  Cute, and I wish I’d bought it instead to try some of the other shades.


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  1. Yeah, it’s gotta be hard to come up with unique shades, especially when the same concepts are applied to each season (spring = pastels, summer = neons, fall = dark colors, winter = neutrals, etc)…..

  2. Thanks for the review. Minis? CG has minis? I must try those.

  3. It looks lovely in your swatch, but if the formula is meh, I’ll give it a pass. I have so many similar to this color (although who am I kidding, I buy all the blues).


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