Road Trip!!!

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I love road trips.  The adventure.  The fresh air.  The unknown.  The open road.  The diners.  The tourist traps.  The nail polish.

China Glaze has announced, unofficially, its Spring 2015 collection and it’s called Road Trip.


I’m lovin’ the 1970s vibe.  This photo and all others are via online retailer

Like most of CG’s big spring sets, there are twelve colors and they’re usually sold in two six-polish sets as well as singly.  The colors are:

Trip of a Lime Time – lime green creme

CG Trip of a Lime Time

My Way or the Highway – turquoise creme

CG My Way or the Highway

License and Registration Please – blue creme

CG License and Registration

Boho Blues – soft indigo blue creme

CG Boho Blues

Dashboard Dreamer – powder blue shimmer

CG Dashboard Dreamer

Wanderlust – powder purple shimmer

CG Wanderlust

Pack Lightly – powder peach shimmer

CG Pack Lightly

More to Explore – soft coral creme

CG More to Explore

Pinking Out the Window – salmon creme

CG Pinking Out the Window

I Brake for Color – bright red/pink creme

CG I Brake for Color

Pop the Trunk – bright orange creme

CG Pop the Trunk

Sun’s Up, Top Down – bright yellow shimmer

CG Sun's Up, Top Down

My gut reaction faves are Boho Blues and Pack Lightly.  Don’t think I have a light peach shimmer but it sounds refreshing.

Release date unknown, but at the end of a long dreary winter, I know I’ll be ready for some spring colors.  And a road trip.


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  1. Love these shades ill totally be posting about these xxx

  2. Ooh Boho Blues looks lovely!! I’m slowly coming around to the idea of spring colors, although I’m still enjoying my vampy colors. 🙂

  3. I just pre-ordered five of these shades 😀

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