Taking a break for a couple of days

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Hi, all is fine (all is calm, all is bright…) but we have company and I want to concentrate on things this week besides the blog.  So I will be ignoring you all for a few days and will be back this weekend, hopefully with some fun swatches.  Take care!


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  1. I hope you have a good break, and come back feeling refreshed!

  2. Ignore us readers? Have a good time with your company. See you later. Suzy

  3. OK, take a break, just don’t break a nail!

  4. Ok take care huni and enjoy your week off 🙂

  5. Hi ya, I don’t know if you want to post this or try it yourself sometime first. Maybe it works differently for different types of nails. The GA – glitter aggravation. Which is the worst, but microglitter and shimmers can also be difficult to remove. Not only annoying but time-consuming.

    IMO, cosmetic companies are losing millions and should set their researchers to inventing a spray foam or thick paint that breaks down and loosens the glitter from above in a soak. All the methods now popular are nothing more than variations on soaking in regular remover, whether with cotton, foil, etc.

    Here is my method and I will keep experimenting. It focuses not on removal but application. It’s simple and does require patience or some occupation not requiring the slightest temptation to use your hands.

    First, on clean, dry nails apply Sally Hansen’s Salon Manicure label “Smooth and Strong Base Coat” CLEAR. Note this is a new-ish product in a celadon bottle. Use one coat, keep in very even with full but not thick coverage. Allow to DRY for 10 full minutes. That is critical. Second, apply the glitter or shimmer polish, as thinly as possible to achieve the effect you want. If 2 coats are necessary, allow to dry in between, at least 20 minutes! Wait another half hour after that second coat. Then apply Sally Hansen “Dries Instantly” Top Coat. Or use another similar top coat that is a fast drying.

    When it’s time for polish removal, an ACETONE remover is more effective. Use your usual method (cotton soaks, chisel, praying, etc) and see if the glitter does not come off more easily, possibly is small chunks.

    As for any “green” objections to any of these products, my interest is purely creative and non-commercial. If one is a flower child you should have dirt under your nails, not lacquer on them!


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