A spring medley from Nicole by OPI

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OPI has announced their spring 2015 collection and now it’s Nicole by OPI’s turn.  As far as I can tell, the set has no official name other than Spring/Summer 2015 Collection, and there are 11 colors.

I apologize for having no photos of my own, but I wasn’t a guest at the private event in Toronto that announced the collection and have not received an email from the company about it.  But don’t worry, I wouldn’t leave you high and dry.  Other bloggers were there and have beaucoup beautiful photos.

Canadian Fashionista

Un Moineau

The set is quite a variety of shades — gold, yellow, brown, pink, coral red, lime green, gray.  No blue.  The one purple is so dark it’s almost black.

Release date in the U.S. is unknown right now, and I can’t say that I’m holding my breath for any of them.


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  1. Probably nothing unique (besides that gold texture?), but the bright cheery spring colors make me mourn the upcoming months of gloom. I appreciate the name “That’s Just Plain Nuts!”

  2. Hahaha!! I wasn’t a guest at that event either! You ‘n me are in the same boat on that one which is weird considering I sorta live in Toronto.

    I like the shades – they’re due out here in January. The formulas were sweet and I gotta say I’m in love with Keep your Gray Job and Simply Sub-Lime. The yellow Bee in the Moment kinda gets me too. I’m already so tired of winter shades… Bring on the spring!!


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