Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year – Marsala

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As I’ve already lamented on Facebook, Pantone has come out with their Color of the Year for 2015 and it’s a reddish-brown or brown-mauve called Marsala.

Marsala is a town in Italy and the term is more famous as the region’s eponymous red wine.  It’s also the name of the evil guy in Ben-Hur.  No, wait, that was Messala.  At any rate:


I don’t generally care for this color but hey, it’s no big deal and will not keep me from having a Merry Christmas or whatever.  In fact, until just a few years ago, I was blissfully unaware that there even was a Color of the Year (CotY).  And as I said in the post about 2014’s CotY, Radiant Orchid, who picks these things?  A committee?  A Magic 8 Ball?  Is it random?

Some colors will flatter some of us and not others.  This Marsala is OK for me in small doses or on an occasional product, such as the Revlon lipstick Toast of New York, which I do love, but only in the fall and only for a short time.  This color in clothing or nail polish makes me look sallow.  As an example, here’s Pepper from Zoya.


In general the color of the fabric swatch shown above makes me think “grandma color” and late 1970s or early 1980s.  Don’t mind me — I’m just being grumpy today.  It’s one of those days when nothing’s gone right.

Now, you may have a warm complexion that will rock Marsala.  Go for it!


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  1. What a strange color after orchid and vibrant green. I think they – whoever “they” are – are trying to capitalize on the 90’s/Kylie Jenner rosy-brown lip trend. Anyway, I’m currently wearing L’Oreal I Like It Chunky texture polish. Awful name, but kinda sorta in the same color family as Marsala.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one that remembers its popularity in the 70s. I’m not feeling it either, especially after the bolder colors of the last few years.

  3. I’m one of those ‘fall’ ladies with a warm, golden complexion and natural blond hair that’s sort of started to go a bit gray now – and this is a great color for me. I do a lot better with this than last year’s lavender shade or the vivid green of the yr before. I love this shade

  4. I’m not a fan of the color either, but I too won’t let it ruin my Christmas. LOL I’m one of these people that have no idea what looks good on me, it’s more what I like to wear from polish to clothes. I’m sure my family must question some of my clothing choices for example, especially some of my Goodwill bargains. They never say anything. not that I would care if they absolutely hated something I was wearing. I’m too old to care at this point. Anyway, I think they must be using something like one of those Magic 8 Balls to decide on the color of the year. That’s my guess anyway. Thanks for making me laugh. Oh, I see it’s almost time for another Zoya promo revelation. What will it be today?

  5. Ok, major kudos to the Toast of New York shout out. That was one of my very first lipsticks in junior high school!

  6. The first thing I thought when I saw the new color was “Grandma” too! That is too funny that you thought the exact same thing.

  7. I have no problem with Marsala and have seen some great designs using it. Gold looks great with it.

  8. Ladies, you are making me laugh! It’s not like we’re going to be wearing Marsala ballgowns all season, then Marsala capris and tees in the spring, and Marsala bikinis (or one-piece as the case may dictate), and Marsala wool sweaters next fall, tottering on Marsala heels every day, and of course sleeping every night in Marsala pajamas!

    You can break it up, or not wear it AT ALL! Yes the fashion gods will dictate handbags and lipsticks, but I have a feeling the usual thousands of beauty products in multitudinous colors shall still be available for the non-conformists!

  9. Looks like a bloody band aid to me unfortunately.

  10. I’m jumping on the bandwagon since you featured a Zoya polish. Did you get the Zoya Mystery Box they were offering on Cyber Monday? I got one & I’m beyond pleased with it! I’m dying to have someone to chat with about this. Hope your break has been refreshing. I’ve missed you.

    • Thanks for the kind words! No, I didn’t get a mystery box — waited too long, plus was trying to stick to a Christmas budget. I know lots of people on Zoya’s FB page are thrilled with it and are discussing it. Glad you got one!

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