New scented polishes from Color Club

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And now for something a little different for the holidays.  Just heard of a new seven-polish collection from Color Club called “Love Tahiry.”  The blurb on the collection’s web page:

“Color Club is sweet on Tahiry Jose! Tahiry has designed seven exclusive scented nail polishes to share with her devoted fans.  Seal it with a kiss and share this special collection with a loved one.”

I freely admit I’ve never heard of Tahiry Jose so I looked her up and she’s a reality TV personality, and I never watch reality TV.  I prefer reality reality.  But it comes as no surprise that Color Club has a scented collection since the company also makes the Ruby Wing division of polishes, many of which are scented and/or change color in sunlight.

Here’s the new set.  I get a Valentine’s Day vibe, actually!  (Click on photo for a much larger picture.)

CC love tahiry bottles

The scents are:

50 Shades of Love — candy
Jitters — bubbly
On Cloud Nine — white chocolate
Red-Handed — cinnamon
Seal It With A Kiss — strawberry
Sweet Getaway — pink rose
Tall, Dark & Handsome — cologne

Some of these sound vague (Bubbly?  Like champagne?  “Cologne” could encompass a world of good and not-so-good scents.) but overall I think it sounds like a fun collection.  Here’s a closeup of 50 Shades of Love:


The only place I’ve seen these for sale so far is Color Club’s own site, $8.50 per full-sized 0.5 oz/15 ml bottle, but if you live near a Rite-Aid they often carry Color Club, and Sally Beauty Supply may also.

These polishes would make some really cute stocking stuffers (my constant chorus this time of year), but one caveat:  I’ve found that I personally can’t wear scented nail polishes because they trigger headaches.  If you’re prone to migraines I’d be careful.  But what little girl wouldn’t love the polish filled with hearts?


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  1. I love the heart glitter polish 🙂 Perfect for February.

  2. Girl, your Rite Aid must be da BOMB if they sell CC! I’ve only ever seen them in Bed Bath N Beyond stores that have a beauty section. I usually buy them online from, though. Hopefully they will have this collection soon! Thanks so much for sharing! XOXOXO

  3. I don’t own any Color Club. But, most of my nail polishes are Zoya’s. But, this post reminds me of a polish I bought what seems like a long time ago. I just took it out. It’s Revlon Parfumerie in Autumn Spice. They had others in different “scents”, but since I read about this one in advance of buying it, I picked it up. But, when I got home and now, it only smells like nail polish. Is it supposed to smell like something other than nail polish? Now, I’m wondering. It is a pretty brown color, though.

    • I don’t have any of those Revlon scented polishes but I suppose any scent can fade over time. 😦

      • What’s weird is that it smelled like polish in the store, and when I got home. But, it was too much of a hassle to return, so I kept it because the color was nice at least. I’m sure the Color Club ones smell good though.


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