Kotori, an older polish from Zoya

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I was looking through my stash for some wintry polishes and came across one I forgot I even had, so let’s break out an older shimmery blue.

Kotori from Zoya is no longer available on their web site (more on that later) and was part of their lovely Downtown Collection in 2007.  It’s a shimmery or glittery dark teal blue in a clear black base and it’s extremely sheer.  Three coats would be the absolute minimum I think one could get away with, and I used four in these photos for complete coverage.

Under indirect snowy outdoor light and then with the flash:


Kotori flash

It’s very pretty, but having to use so many coats is a pain.  You could use it as a top coat; the sheer black plus blue shimmer could transform other colors.  Still, for a similar blue from Zoya, I’d recommend Dream or especially Remy.  Remy has been one of my favorite polishes this year, and when I reviewed the entire Ignite Collection it was a one-coat wonder for me.

If you really want to track down Kotori, the online retailer Nails Ave.com has it, along with many other older Zoya colors, each at a reasonable price.


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  1. Catherine Neville

    This is a very pretty polish, I really love how the teal sparkle comes thru. I have to ask, have you head any whispers about what we might expect from Zoya in January?

  2. This is such a gorgeous colour! I love your blog, your posts are all so beautiful 🙂 ❤


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