Pure Icicles = pure fun

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I posted about Pure Ice’s new holiday set, Bling on the Holidays, a few weeks ago.  I hadn’t bought any new Pure Ice polishes, a Walmart exclusive ($1.97 for 0.5 oz/15 ml), for a long time and couldn’t get that fired up about them.

Pure Ice Holiday2014 set

Left to right:  Santa Merry Me, Winter Blues, Gold Peppermints, Pure Icicles, and the title shade Bling on the Holidays.

Well, never say never, because once I saw them in person, I wanted the red and the pink ones but thought, “Oh, heck, I’ll pick ’em up next time I’m in the store.”  Apparently other people were more on the ball than yours truly, because the next time I went, the red and the pink ones were all gone.  I looked high and low and searched about three different Pure Ice displays.  That’ll teach me!

The blue, silver, and gold were still in stock so I bought the silver called Pure Icicles and LOVE it.

It’s a clear base filled with silver shimmer and two sizes of white hex glitter, and it looks like you dipped your fingers in snow.  I think its biggest use would be as a top coat over other polishes, but you could also wear it alone for some holiday sparkle on your bare nails.

Here I show it as one coat over a bright deep pink creme called Fergie from Zoya, and as two coats over the royal blue shimmer of Zoya’s called Song.  Under indirect cloudy outdoor light and then with the flash:

Pure Icicles

Pure Icicles flash

I think it would look good over any color except perhaps silver or white, where it wouldn’t show up.  But over red, green, purple, black?  Yoobetcha.


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  1. I’m definitely going to hunt for that one — it looks like snow on your nails! The walmart near us is crazy and I hate going. There’s a walmart grocery store not too far but they don’t always have a well-stocked cosmetics dept. But it’s quiet and neat, so I’ll try there first.


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