It’s Movie Night! I mean Mauvy Night.

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I’ve sure been enjoying Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks lately.  Had forgotten what classics they can be and how good they feel.  I may grumble occasionally about some other Revlon products but they do lipstick right.

Some of the ones I’ve swatched are Pink in the Afternoon (how’s your search for that discontinued shade going?), Toast of New York, and Teak Rose.  Today I have another creme called Mauvy Night.

Mauvy Night is currently available and is a lovely shade of dark mauve or plum.  It has purple tones but isn’t violet.

Mauvy Night label

Mauvy Night open

Here’s a swatch of it under the camera flash, and then a comparison of it to both Toast of New York and Teak Rose.

Mauvy Night flash

Mauvy Night comps

I think I’m set for winter Super Lustrous lipsticks!  Maybe I’ll pick up some more pinks in the spring.


Now, in case you really do want a movie night instead of or in addition to Mauvy Night, I’ve got some suggestions.  Most are available on Netflix Streaming.

Nebraska (2013) is a black-and-white “road trip” film starring Bruce Dern.  He was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar and the film received five other Oscar noms including Best Picture.  I watched this with my husband and half of the time we were laughing and the other half of the time we wanted to cry.  Very touching in many ways, and the cinematography perfectly portrays a small town on the Great Plains.  Rated R for language.

Kahaani (2012) is the best Indian thriller I’ve ever seen.  Unlike many Indian films there is no singing, no dancing.  Kahaani features a strong female protagonist, Vidya, who arrives in the city of Kolkata, pregnant and alone, looking for her missing husband.  Did he ditch her?  She says not, but the police are skeptical.  Is she deluded?  This is a movie where nothing is what it seems, and maybe I was dense but the twist at the end totally broadsided me and made me want to watch the movie again immediately.  Unrated but I would say R for violence.

Argo (2012) is well-known since it won the Best Picture Oscar two years ago.  Starring and directed by Ben Affleck, it tells the story of the CIA’s elaborate ruse to rescue six Americans in Iran following the takeover of the U.S. embassy and their subsequent hiding in the Canadian one.  It’s one of those stories that is so bizarre no one could’ve made it up.  One of things I loved about it is that the clothes, hairstyles, and even eyeglasses are 1970s-spot on.  Rated R for language and some violent images.

Want something a little good, a little bad, and a little weird?  The Good, the Bad, the Weird (2008) is a Korean tour de force that looks like an old-fashioned American Western and is packed with thrills, strange characters, action, and comedy.  It’s a high-speed chase to …. somewhere.  Set in 1930s Manchuria, it starts with a train robbery and never lets up.  Watch this with your adult kids and they’ll think you’re majorly cool.  Trailer viewable here:  Rated R for nonstop violence and some drug use.

Have fun & have a great weekend!


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  1. Mauvie Night and Gold Dipped Rose were my go to lipsticks in the later 70s-mid 80s!

  2. Oh and you are right about Argo having got the late 70s really right – I’ve seen it quite a few times now and only think I spotted a couple things out of sync – unlike Mad Men that drives me nuts they get so much wrong about the late 50s-60s (and folks who never lived then think Mad Men is so great and spot on).

  3. Oh my gosh. I love Revlon lipsticks. I have looked at Mauvy Night a few times, wondering if I should get it. I have Teak Rose, and recently bought Toast of New York. I have Kiss Me Coral, Pink Velvet, and Rose Velvet, and love all of those. I’m only happy with the cremes for now. Not the shine or matte finishes. I do have one shine called Pink Cognito, but it has so little color, it’s more of a lip gloss, so I use it for that. I also have 3 of the Revlon Lip Butters, Sweet Tart, Sugar Plum, and Red Velvet. Love these also. I’m sure my small lipstick collection is nothing compared to what others have. I’ve checked out some of those Make-Up You Tube videos, and I can see in some alot of make-up in the background. SO, since I’m going to Walmart tomorrow for my market shopping, I believe I will have to stop in at the cosmetics depart and pick up Mauvy Night. You have convinced me, and I’m sure I won’t regret it. I’ve been good not buying nail polish in quite awhile with the extra expenses that come this time of year, so a little lipstick won’t hurt. And, by the way, NO, I have had no luck with locating “Pink in the Afternoon”. But, it’s on my list, and might continue to look for it until the end of time. LOL Also, Love the movie Argo, and have seen it quite a few times. Happy Friday Suzy

  4. I have found Pink in the Afternoon at my Rite-Aid, CVS, and Meijer.

  5. Tannie Davidson

    Do you have Rose Velvet? If so, could you tell me the difference between it and Teak Rose?

    Thank you,


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