Memebox #64 Makeup Edition 2 — review

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Disclosure:  All Memebox links and codes on this page are affiliate ones for which I may receive commission.  I purchased all the products in this review.

Time for another Memebox review!  For details about what Memebox is and how it works — it’s a Korean skin care and makeup shopping site which also curates mystery boxes, not subscription boxes — see this previous post where I  reviewed the Pinkaholic box which was half makeup and half skin care.

I decided to try one box that would presumably be all makeup, Makeup Edition 2, which is currently sold out.  (Sometimes sold out boxes are restocked.)  This was a Superbox; that is, contained all full-size products, not sample sizes, and it was indeed all makeup except for one application tool that was so outré that it got its own post.  I still haven’t used that egg and occasionally go to my closet and visit it and say, “What the hell?”  Then I go away again.

But let’s look at everything else that came in Makeup Edition 2.  Click on any of the photos for a larger view.

ME2 box

ME2 products

Everything was well-packed and safety-sealed.  The front and back of the info card:

ME2 card a

ME2 card b

1.  Revecen Perfect Star Powder — This is a loose shimmery eye shadow powder and was one of four random shades.  I got the gold and would have rather had any of the other three — pink, brondi (?? coppery), or grey.

2.  Shara Shara I Wanna Cat’s Gel Liner — My first gel eye liner!  Been wanting to try one of these for a while.  I could have gotten either a dark pearl brown or a very dark navy that looks almost black.  Glad I got the brown.  It comes with its own brush that’s stashed in the handle.

ME2 shadow and liner

3.  Etude House Woo Baby Lip Plumper — Woo, baby.  Could have been either clear or glitter pink.  Thank GOODNESS I got the clear!

4.  Secret Kiss Sweet Glam Stick Glow — Claims to combine “the long-lasting wear of a lip tint, the high pigmentation of a lipstick, and the high glossy shine of a lip gloss.”  A random choice between Urban Coral and Wonder Pink.  I got the coral and would have preferred the pink, but on the other hand it’s good to branch out.

5.  Skinfood Mineral Color Fix Brow Mascara — Hmmm, this is interesting.  I’ve tried several eyebrow enhancers but never anything like a mascara.  Cool concept.  Was randomly one of four colors, and I luckily got the only color that would have worked for me, the darkest brown called Mineral Deep Brown.

6.  i.myss Beauty Toc Gold Egg Vibration Puff — ‘Nuff said about it in that other post of mine!

7.  Cover Queen Whitening BB Cream — This is a one-shade-fits-all (or not) BB cream.

Here are swatches of the products on the back of my hand:

ME2 swatches

My impressions are that overall it was a hit or miss box.  Someone could love all the randomly chosen colors, hated them all, or been about 50-50 like me.

The gold eye shadow powder is pretty but probably too intense for my older eyes.  I haven’t worn it yet and may try just the tiniest dab as a highligher or I may mix it into another powder, perhaps a dark brown.

Love the gel eye liner and also the clear lip plumper/gloss, although the latter doesn’t seem like anything particularly special.  The coral lip gloss is very bright and I haven’t worn it yet but want to.

The brow mascara was a good color for me and seemed to work well to fill in my thinning brows, yet removing it was a pain.  Using eye makeup remover and wiping my brows, it became a fine powder that was difficult to clean up.  Overall I think I prefer a good brow pencil/crayon.

I’ve only tried the BB cream once and found it hard to blend.  I much prefer the Missha BB cream that I’ve been using for several weeks — that baby blends like a dream.

Makeup Edition 2 was $23 plus shipping, and the total retail value that Memebox assigned to all the products in the box is $103, almost a third of which is tied up in that egg applicator.  I would have rather had a bunch more makeup items instead of it, but oh well, a mystery box is supposed to be mysterious!

I like most of the products — the gel eye liner is my favorite — but doubt I’ll buy a makeup-only box again, as there’s too great a chance of receiving colors I don’t want or can’t use.  However, I’m loving many of the skin care items I’ve gotten from Memebox in other boxes or bought individually.


Since I got interested in Memebox just a couple of short months ago, their site has changed a lot and I don’t know if it’s temporary or permanent.  The internet is rife with speculation and rumors, which means no one knows for sure.  Just a month or so ago, there were dozens of boxes and bundles to choose from and buy.  Now there are almost none, although the shop of separate items is chock full of goodies to peruse.  Here’s the U.S. shop and here’s the global shop.

Regarding the dearth of boxes, I’m not worried.  They just opened up their site in China so that must be super busy, and perhaps they are gearing up for lots of new boxes to be posted in the near future.  I’m content to wait and see and not run around screaming that the sky is falling.

Disclosure:  All Memebox links and codes on this page are affiliate ones for which I may receive commission.  I purchased all the products in this review.

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  1. I would love to try one of these if it was just for skincare. Like you I’m kind of over makeup mystery boxes due to receiving too many products in shades I’ll never use.

  2. I think I’ll pass on Memebox for now. I might get one in the future though as I sample different ones. I am laughing over the golden egg though and think I would react the same as you. WTH??? Yeah, put that thing away. Some other time. Maybe. Probably not. Eek. I like the idea of subscription boxes but they are a hit or miss pot luck type thing. I like them for the element of surprise and the fact I don’t really need any more makeup so sample sizes or mini’s are okay with me. I have tried out and really loved quite a few products from beauty boxes.

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