Manon, a classic from Zoya

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Some quick swatches today of an older polish from Zoya’s “Classics” called Manon.  Manon is a French girl’s name.

Manon is a very dark mauve-rose or a light burgundy with a subtle silver shimmer.  I used three coats, which I find typical for many of Zoya’s older polishes and think they’ve really improved their formula in the last few years so that newer polishes are usually good with two coats.  Here it is under indirect outdoor light and then with the flash:


Manon flash

I think it’s very pretty and that the shimmer keeps it from being too matronly-looking.  But let’s up the oomph just a bit more with Zoya’s Sparkle Gloss Top Coat.  Same two lightings:

Manon w tc

Manon w tc flash

I like it both with and without the top coat and think it’s a good color for fall/winter and for my skin tone.  Can’t even remember now why I bought it, because I don’t think the picture of it on Zoya’s web site is all that attractive!  At any rate, if you’re ever placing an order with Zoya and need one more polish to hit free shipping or some other goal, I highly recommend Sparkle Gloss Top Coat.  One of my fave top coats ever.


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  1. Catherine Neville

    Lovely swatches. Do you find that the top coat adds true sparkle effect or a shimmery mother of pearl finish? I can never tell just from the bottle which looks pearly to me, thanks.

  2. Thank you for the swatch. I don’t have patient for 3 coats polish.
    love that top coat.Do you have other sparkly top coat to compare it with?

  3. ‘matronly-looking’ 😀

    Gorgeous deep raspberry! I mostly love the name too. 😀

  4. No doubt they had in mind Manon Lescaut, of novel and opera fame.

  5. For info, “Manon” is no nickname for “Madeleine”; “Mado”, however, is a short for “Madeleine”. “Manon” is a complete fisrt name for itself, as are Marie, Mélanie, Catherine or Caroline, for example. 🙂


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