Zoya Matte Velvet review — Part 1

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Disclosure:  Identical polishes were provided by Zoya for review.

News popped up recently that Zoya is re-releasing its six Matte Velvet polishes.



Last year Zoya re-introduced Dovima, Posh, Savita, and Veruschka for a limited time and I bought them, so in advance of this latest re-release, let me swatch those for you to help you make a decision about which ones to get this time around.  Today I’ll show you red Posh and black Dovima; tomorrow I’ll swatch purple Savita and green Veruschka.

First of all, the bottles are different from Zoya’s usual clear glass.  These are frosted glass so you can tell at a glance in your stash which are the matte polishes.

The formula of the polishes is excellent and two coats covered well, although the first one was streaky.  Remember to use thin coats so they will dry more quickly and evenly.  One big plus is that the Matte Velvets have almost no smell, unlike most matte polishes and matte top coats I’ve used, which can stink to high heaven.

All photos are under indirect outdoor light with no flash.  Posh and then Dovima:



Posh is a slightly berry-toned red and Dovima is a true black.  They dry matte but not so “dead matte” that you can’t see any detail.

As with any polish, you can top them if you want with a clear shiny top coat but that will obviously negate the matte look.  But gorgeous?  Oh yeah!

Posh w tc

Dovima w tc

The addition of this shiny top coat makes Posh look more true red and Dovima look even darker.  Although I don’t wear black polish often, I’m absolutely fascinated with the subtle sparkle of Dovima.  A closeup:

Dovima w tc closeup

One thing that you could do is wear a Matte Velvet for a couple of days for one look and then add a shiny top coat both to prolong your manicure and to give a totally different look.

I thought I’d like Posh much more than Dovima but I love both!


Today there’s more good news from Zoya!


Be sure to read ALL the details and fine print on Zoya’s page.  With any purchase of $30 or more now through 10/12/14 you get a full-sized bottle of Posh plus a matte velvet red lipstick (while supplies last, exclusions apply).  So if you were going to get several of the Matte Velvets anyway, this would be a great way to pick up Posh for free.  Plus matte lipstick is quite the fad lately, although I don’t care for it on myself.  Gimme gloss.  But even if the polish and/or the lipstick isn’t something you’d wear yourself it would make a great gift.

Disclosure:  Identical polishes were provided by Zoya for review.


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  1. Okay, so originally I ordered Posh and Harlow, and the Matte Top Coat. Then saw the ad for the free items. I was able to cancel my order, since Posh was back ordered. So, then ordered again Harlow, the Matte Top coat, and 2 lip glosses so the order would be at least $30. But, of course, had to pay for shipping. But, still a better deal. BUT, I missed that for a $35 purchase, shipping is free. I saw that later. And, I know you can’t reuse any codes. Bummer. If I would of added at least $4( not that anything is $4), but a few dollars more, shipping would of been free. Gotta read ALL the info. And, here I thought I was being so smart. I have never tried any matte polish of any brand, so it should be interesting. I went ahead and ordered Purr, since I love Disguise, and decided to go crazy and order a shimmer, Chance(a shimmery light copper). I’ll let you know how I like that one. I”m not thrilled with any red lipstick lately, but maybe someone in my family will want it. Have great day. Suzy

  2. I’m on-the-fence about these. To be honest, although I like the LOOK of them without topcoat, I keep thinking they will just smudge-off my nails every time I pull my tips across anything as most matte polishes do…and I do that a LOT (I work part-time, keep house, cook 99% of our meals from scratch and show coated dogs that require a lot of maintenance every day).. And I have to say…I have dupes that could be made matte with a matte topcoat for most of these.

  3. Fantastic post, I’ve already done a favourites post on these but it was great to read a more in depth review

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  6. I have been thoroughly enjoying Posh and Veruschka since your giveaway (thank you again, so much!), but am wondering, have you heard anything about whether the matte collection is limited, or if it will be offered indefinitely with the rest of the seasonal collections? I am trying so hard to be wise and wait for sales, but I don’t want to miss these if they won’t be around for long. =)

    • You’re so welcome and I’m very glad you’re enjoying them. I haven’t heard if the matte shades are LE, but even “regular” colors can be retired at any time without notice. I’d guess (no inside knowledge) that the Matte Velvet shades would be around through the holidays at the very least, and there are some great sales sure to be found.


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