Pink Umbrellas

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I had such a good response to my post about the Revlon lipstick Toast of New York the other day that I was excited to review another lip product sooner rather than later.

This is a budget-friendly chubby lip crayon called Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick from the company e.l.f. aka eyeslipsface, and it has the wonderful SRP of $2.00 US.  e.l.f. products can be bought directly from the company and are also found in Target and WalMart.  The big box stores, though, often don’t have a great selection and may not carry all products nor all colors.

The shade of the Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick I chose is a warm pink called Pink Umbrellas.  It’s almost a coral pink but not quite.  Certainly isn’t lavender or fuchsia toned.

Pink Umbrellas

The tip is dented but that’s my own fault; I nicked it with the clear cap when I pulled that off, a bad habit of mine.  It was sealed and perfectly shaped when I bought it.

Pink Umbrellas2

Here’s a swatch on my inner arm, taken with the flash:

Pink Umbrellas flash

This was several passes with the stick, so hopefully you can see that it’s colorful but sheer, which I like.  Heavy opaque lip colors creep me out (on myself, they can look OK on others).

Another plus is that this is a twist-up pencil/crayon so you don’t have to sharpen it.  No mess.

It’s glossy but not disco ball shiny, and when I’ve worn it on my lips it feels light and wears well.  Overall, considering the color, opacity/sheerness, feel, and price, this is a big winner in my book.  I plan to get a few more in other colors.  If you’d like to see swatches of the other colors, check out this blog/shop.  Movie Star is calling me!

If you’ve never tried e.l.f. products before, resist the urge to buy a bajillion because they’re so cheap.  Perhaps buy one and see how you like it before you get more.  I love some of their products — this lip gloss, their eye primer — but have hated others such as an eye shadow crayon I tried.


And now, just because I can, I’d like to show you a music video that actually has pink umbrellas in it!  Have you heard of the British singer Paloma Faith?  My son got me interested in her music, and she’s a hard one to pigeonhole.  Pop?  Retro?  Jazz?  Modern?  Yes to all those.  I don’t think she’s well-known in the U.S.

Some of her songs and music videos sound/look like they came out of a 1940s musical.  Others are very outré or have adult images.  I also find her hair, wigs, and makeup rather fascinating.

So if you like, take a peek at pink umbrellas in “Upside Down”:

or if the embed doesn’t work.

I also love her videos “New York” and “Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?” for both the songs and the retro looks.

Paloma Faith still NY

Paloma Faith still

But I’m probably most fascinated by her “Picking Up the Pieces” video which at times seems like something out of Stephen King.

So there ya go!  Hopefully both a lip product and a song or two you might like.


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  1. Loving the lip color as well as the videos. I had never seen her before, Color me a fangirl now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your post. My daughter and I have loved Paloma Faith ever since her first CD came out. Her song “Picking up the Pieces” was used at one of the Burberry fashion shows.

  3. That was fun. I like her style and she has a great voice. I’ve never heard of her, but their are so many wonderful artists out there, Love the lipsticks and you can’t beat the price. My Walmart has such a limited selection of ELF products, but I’ still going to check it out. Fun post.

  4. Thanks to all who posted! Next time I’m at Target I’m going to look for the red Movie Star Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick, and also maybe the Flirty & Girly (hot pink) one.

  5. She can’t sing, she can’t dance, seems synced. Costumes, makeup and technology cover a multitude of sins. Who needs talent with a good producer?


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