I’m the Toast of New York!

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Well, not really.  I’m not even the toast of Smalltown, Montana.  But I do have a lipstick from Revlon called Toast of New York that I recently bought and find myself reaching for over and over this fall.

For many years I’ve been wearing cool-toned lip products (or, when lazy, none at all) but it’s been fun to have Toast of New York (ToNY) which reminds me of a reddish-brown lipstick from Estée Lauder whose name I can’t recall that I wore all the time back in the late ’70s.

ToNY is an older shade in Revlon’s Super Lustrous line — a classic.  Vintage.  It was apparently a big deal in the ’90s because of supermodel Cindy Crawford, but I don’t remember the buzz.

Cindy Crawford Toast of New York

Revlon has produced great lip products for decades.  I’m not much of a fan of their eye products, especially the last eye shadows of theirs I tried, but they do lipstick right.  It’s hard not to be familiar with classics like Cherries in the Snow and Love That Pink.

ToNY is a warm reddish-brown that’s bright enough not to look muddy yet isn’t a screaming orange either.   It feels very creamy and applies well with good staying power.

Toast of New York base

How the lipstick itself looks with the camera flash:

Toast of New York

And how a swatch looks on the skin of my inner arm under indirect cloudy outdoor light:

Toast of New York swatch

I really like that it’s brownISH without being brown.  If you love Revlon lipstick or other lip products, it’s worth mentioning that Ulta is having a great sale this week — 40% off all Revlon.  Also 40% off Nyx, Physicians Formula, and Almay.


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  1. This was my signature lip color as a teenager. I bought it again earlier this year just for old time’s sake and I didn’t think it looked as good on me as it used to. I might have to look at it again to see if I was mistaken:0). Thanks for sharing! XOXOXO

    • Thanks for the comment! Sometimes makeup colors we used to wear look different because our hair color or skin tone has changed. Also, the other makeup you wear might make it look different, or perhaps you’re applying it more lightly or more heavily than you used to. Finally, the actual formula of the lipstick might have changed, but don’t think that’s the case with Toast of New York. Fun to hear that it used to be your signature color. 😀

    • Me too, and I believe I had the matching nail color. I now think it was too mature for a teenager, but it was the thing back then…

  2. My kind of post. Love the Revlon colors, In fact, most of my lipsticks are Revlon’s. Still need to get down to my local Walgreens or Walmart and see if they have Toast of New York. Have to check it out at least. I have one called Rose Velvet that is also a brownish pink. I wonder how it compares to Toast of New York. The only 2 colors I’m not so sure of, but can’t return are Certainly Red (obviously very red), and Love That Pink ( a bright pink). They are wonderful colors, as all Revlon’s are, but just not in the mood for wearing these colors lately. Maybe later. The ones I have and love are Kiss Me Coral, Pink Velvet, Teak Rose(which is a brighter pink I think then looks in the tube), and of course the Rose Velvet. I also have Pink Cognito with the shine finish, but it goes on more like a lip gloss. I prefer the creme finish, compared to the shine and matte. By the way, love my Zoya Lip Gloss in Disguise I just got. Now, want more. Love the post. Suzy

  3. I’m one of those rare and strange people who’ve never tried a Revlon lipstick. You *may* have convinced me to check this one out with this post. 😉

  4. Oh no. If your going to review more lipsticks in the future, I might be in trouble. Another addiction added to my nail polish one. HaHa Actually, I’m looking for one with a slight purplish color, nothing intense or frosted, or drying on the lips, just for something different. Do you have either Revlon “Sassy Mauve”, or “Mauvy Night”? Don’t forget undereye concealor and tinted moisturizer for future blogs. I”m giving you more work to do, aren’t I? Sorry about that. So much info is geared toward the youth, and so little out there for the 50+, and less for 60+ like me. As, I’ve always said. Your the best. Suzy

    • Thanks, Suzy. 🙂 Yes, I’m going to review concealers, correctors, tinted moisturizer, more lip products, and more makeup. Am trying not to overdo it though.

      Just got an order from Nyx Cosmetics with some new “lippies” and hope to cover them soon. For a purplish shade, how about a chubby pencil/crayon from Revlon that’s gotten great reviews called Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (whew, what a long name!) — I don’t have any yet but want to try some with Ulta’s 40% off sale. There’s one shade called Smitten that looks very dark but swatches much lighter: http://nouveaucheap.blogspot.com/2012/05/review-revlon-just-bitten-kissable-balm.html It’s slightly purplish without being PURPLE.

    • Suzy, I recommend the Revlon Just Kissable Balm Stain in Darling, and also the Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum. Both give a nice flattering lavender tinge to otherwise wearable pink shades.

  5. ToNY looks so much like Revlon Teak Rose, at least from the swatch

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  7. I loved this post because for some reason I’ve been obsessed with Revlon polish for the past 2 months. I haven’t worn Revlon polish since the 70s! Anyone remember Wine with Everything? I was wandering the Revlon aisle in Target one Saturday & stumbled upon their Parfumerie line of scented nail polish. I’m game, I bought 2 (Wintermint & Autumn Spice). Got home & played with “the Google.” I then picked up Balsam Fir and learned that Ulta has the whole line. Long story short and thanks to Ulta’s BOGO half off sale, I now own approx half the line. Have you checked them out? I totally believe that Autumn Spice screams “Sue needs me!”

    • Thanks for the comment! Love the Revlon polishes I’ve tried so far, Fall Mood being one of my faves ever. I haven’t tried any of their scented polishes because I tried some from Ruby Wing and they kind of made me feel sick as I was applying them. Weird.

      P.S. 40% off Revlon at Walgreens this week!

      • The scent on these don’t really show until they’re dry. The ones I’ve tried so far don’t have that weird chemical smell that nail polish and/or markers can get when scented. I picked up Beachy the other day (see attack on Ulta from above) and I swear that it smells like Coppertone! The scent is usually gone in a day or two. I haven’t tried Ruby Wing so I can’t give a comparison. Sorry 😦
        Be warned — Chocolate Truffle smells just like brownie batter.

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