Color Club’s holiday collection, Made in New York

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Ready to see one more holiday collection?  I just posted about Color Club’s fall set last week, and now we’re talking holidays:  Made in New York.

On Color Club’s web site, I see what I think is the worst winter holidays advertisement banner ever.  It looks like a disembodied zombie hand:

CC made in ny banner

Yuck!  Here’s CC’s inspiration for the collection, which is better:

CC made in ny insp

Those pictures are pretty and I just do NOT know what is up with the Blue Hand of Doom shown in the banner.

The set’s blurb reads, “Twinkle and shine in the city that never sleeps. Each shimmering shade was expertly designed to make your holiday season sparkle. For a unique effect, layer multiple shades together.

Here’s the set of seven — click on  the picture for a better/larger view.

CC made in ny coll

Some appear to be opaque cremes or shimmers, and some are tinted shimmery top coats.

Apple of My Eye

CC made in ny apple of my eye

Bright Lights Big City

CC made in ny bright lights big city

Concrete Jungle

CC made in ny concrete jungle

Lady Liberty

CC made in ny lady liberty

Million Dollar Listing

CC made in ny million dollar listing

Night at the Met

CC made in ny night at the met

Off Duty

CC made in ny off duty

I think Apple of My Eye is gorgeous and that some of the top coats could be fun to play with — maybe Million Dollar Listing or Concrete Jungle over the red?  There is also a mini set of Million Dollar Listing, Apple of My Eye, Bright Lights Big City, and Off Duty.

CC made in ny minis

The full-sized polishes are $8.50 each and the mini set is $12.95 directly from Color Club.  Head2ToeBeauty has the polishes for $3.25 each, plus shipping & handling.


Edit:  I haven’t seen any swatches yet but would like to point out this photo from Work/Play/Polish, taken at this summer’s Cosmoprof convention.  In it, Bright Lights Big City looks more pink and less coral than in Color Club’s bottle picture.  Also, Concrete Jungle looks more light blue.  I really like the look of both of these top coats!


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  1. Michelle Talavera

    I couldn’t agree more on the CC banner! It definitely looks more like a Halloween banner. Creepy!

  2. How in the heck are these holiday polishes??? The closest I see is the burgundy one and the gold one…that’s it. smh


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