Puttin’ on my Taupe Hat (a franken)

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I played around a bit this morning and made a new frankenpolish, which as I’ve mentioned before, is when one creates a new polish by combining two or more other polishes with or without other ingredients such as extra glitter.  It’s fun, although my results are better at some times than at others.  Really loved the last one I made, a blue-purple shimmer I called Train Wreck.  Please read that post for tips if you want to make your own mix — be very careful about ventilation, disposal, and so forth.

This time I started with a rather plain silver shimmer, one of several polishes I had that were almost identical.  I poured some out and added an inexpensive gold from Sally Hansen called Coin Flip, then added a few drops of a bright yellow creme.  This mix looked too greenish so I added a bit of both an orange shimmer and a rose-purple shimmer.

Voila!  Ended up with a light silvery bronze or shimmery taupe, and since I love thinking up silly names I called it Taupe Hat.  Here are two coats under indirect cloudy outdoor light and then with the flash:

Taupe Hat

Taupe Hat flash

Is it a shade so amazing and unique that the world will sit up and take notice?  No.  But it was fun to play with some polishes I wasn’t using and turn them into something I like better.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Love it. You are quite the creative one. I took off my Zoya Yuna (which I love), and put on Autumn. Wow, that’s pretty. It got me thinking if it was similar to another color I have, Pure Ice “Iced Copper”, which I think is discontinued. I swatched both colors on a paper towel (probably not the best method), and they seemed close. Autumn did seem a bit darker with more sparkle. Anyway, just thought I would mention that. I do love the way you “play” with your polish. You are getting some good results.

  2. Love this, the color is really pretty and the name cracks me up!

  3. I love it! Perfect name, too. 🙂


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