Little Halloween treats

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Did you check out the Sinful Colors polish at Walgreens’ 99-cent sale this week?  I didn’t need any more basic colors but drifted over to the new Halloween display to see what was, well, new.

I don’t like to spend much money on “costume”-type polish that I may only wear once or twice a year, but at 99 cents, a little bling is quite do-able.  Heck, you can’t even buy much of a candy bar or cup of coffee for that price any more.

I picked up two glitter/shard top coats, the alliterative Splatter Spell and Mystery Moonshine.

Splatter Spell is a clear base with various sizes of black hex glitter and copper-orange shards.  Mystery Moonshine is a clear base with copper-orange, blue-purple, and green shards or metallic shreds of various sizes.   I used two coats of each over two coats of the bright yellow Darcy from Zoya, so that all the particles would show up.  Then because it was a little scratchy I used a clear shiny top coat.

The outdoor light today is very gloomy and did not lead to good photos:

Splatter Spell

Mystery Moonshine

Sharper with the flash:

Splatter Spell flash

Mystery Moonshine flash

Both are OK, nothing amazing.  Fun for Halloween, and they could even be Mardi Gras toppers too.


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